Violet POV

Seeing Jake sitting across me brings back memories about the days I was head over heels for this dude.

His words and actions are the reason for whatever negative feelings I've built up for him over the years. Instead of the love and admiration I once had, it's now hate and nothing more than that.

Now to the issue that brought me to Jake's office. We are discussing our marriage and Jake doesn't seem to be embracing the notion that I'm going to be Mrs Aloysius. But who cares, I might as well use this opportunity to get back at him, and there is always room for divorce any way.

"I can't believe you are in support of this marriage of a thing, you and I can't work, there is no way that is possible. Everyone knows the very sight of you disgust me; what more living in the same house and having to see your ugly face" Jake said to my utmost dismay. The last thing I want right now is someone calling me ugly. I have worked so hard to build my confidence and now this dude wants to crack it, I definitely won't stand for it.

"I know I'm not that much of a looker but I'm sure they are guys willing to sell their entire fortune to spend one night with me," I retorted.

Jake burst out laughing like some one who just inhaled laughing gas (nitrous oxide). What's funny? I asked him losing a little bit of my comportment. "The fact that you regard yourself in such a high manner calls for laughter, don't you think you ugly ass?" Jake said again and this time I was fuming.

"You always have to have the last word and I'll let you have it this time but not before paying you back in your own coin", I said to him while smirking.

"I came so we will discuss how we'll evade the marriage talks but it seems we'll be meeting with our parents tomorrow evening seeing as you are not in the mood for co-operation. See you later tomorrow", I said as I took my hand bag and cat walked out of his office.

"Wait ! Violet!!..." I heard Jake say but I have given him enough time to insult me and I'm not giving him another chance even if it's an apology he wants to utter, I don't care. I've walked far enough from his office but I can still hear the loud frustrating groan he let out. Serves him right.


Jake's POV

I guessed I messed this one up seeing as Violet is refusing my calls. After what happened earlier, I tried calling her to apologize and see how we can try to escape this marriage of a thing, but my big mouth wouldn't just keep shut. I just had to insult Violet and ruin everything.


My father was calling. I'm sure it's to talk about dinner with Violet's family. I really didn't want to pick the call but there is no running away from this situation so...

"Hello dad" I said. "Yeah, hello" I heard my dad say. "Well, I was just calling to inform you of dinner with the Blaze by seven PM tomorrow . Ensure to be on time and on your best behavior so as to not arise questions on my upbringing" my dad continued.

"Alright dad I'll be there" I said and he hung the call. No need for long talks.

Being the alpha of the once most largest pack to exist, my father has the urge to make everything perfect. No mistakes allowed, he would blow up a fuse if any of his plans are altered by the slightest mishap. He was always on edge, and I think this is what brought our pack to destruction, scattered round the world, in fear that we'll be discovered.

And after the incident that caused our pack to be destroyed the urge for perfection surged more in my dad. He wants to let the people know that, though we may be separated, we are together at heart.

Over the years, many of our pack members have lost faith that the time will come where we can reside together as a pack again. If we can dance round, the bonfire again as we sing praises to the moon goddess, without the investigative and curious humans lurking around.

My father is anxious to ignite hope in the hearts of the pack members and he wants to do it, through me.

It is said that whenever an alpha finds their a mate, the moon goddess blesses the pack tremendously. Legend says every pack members gets their wish granted. My father is betting on that superstition that moon goddess will favour the pack and all will go back to normal.

But I don't believe in all those shit. I understand my dad but I don't think I can sacrifice my happiness for the pack. What's destroyed is destroyed.

Even if most werewolves believe their happiness lies with their mate, I don't think mine lies with violet. I need a plan to escape this

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