Jake's pov

The plan was simple. Go let the family know that I'm in no way intrested in this marriage, not by words though, but by actions. I mean what parent will let a guy who has bad manners and lack of respect marry their daughter. Coupled with the fact that I detest their daughter ... I could already see the plan working as it plays in my head.

I know that won't be enough to stop this marriage, but I'm sure I'll figure out something. With this thoughts I relaxed my heavy heart a bit. No way in this world will I betray Emily. My wolf, Zion growled at this. No one could hear him but I could. That's how werewolves are. Our wolves are separate from out human part. They have their own mind, can come out when the want to. But for the most part, our human side has more control over the body we shared.

Right now I couldn't bother with Zion and the tantrums he keeps throwing because of the mate bond I rejected. I had other things to worry about, things like the marriage.

Ever since the rejection, the old guy has refused to come out but when he heard our parents were forming a marriage alliance he showed up immediately. Stupid wolf, all he wants is his mate he does not care what I want. But what exactly do I want ?

Violet's POV

"It doesn't matter where you went to what matters is that you were not there when I needed you the most," I say to Kimberly. She has being rambling and trying to pacify me and I'm not angry but for some reason I just want to drag this. She always keep things to her self and I guess I just wanted her to spill. She said something about going to the club and rouges but I wasn't listening.

"Okay hear me out " Kimberly said, finally ready to give me an explanation I needed.

" You know the stuffs with my mum So I won't go into details there. Well she's planning on getting married again and..."

"What !." I didn't let Kimberly finish before I showed how surprised I was. Kimberly's mom has suffered in the hands of men and here she is giving them a chance again, many would call her stupid but I admire her courage.

" Let me finish " Kimberly said annoyed that I cut her off. " So after we had an argument I headed straight to a bar, drank, and as I was about to go home I saw rouges ."

"Holy Jesus!" I exclaimed as I checked if she was hurt in anywhere. My eyes roamed to her hands that were holding her stomach and I lifted her shirt to see bunch of bandages wrapped around her torso.

" It would have being worse than this if not... if not... For that dreamy young guy that came to save me " Kimberly said as she looked up at the ceiling. What guy? I asked clearly wondering if she expects me to stare into space dreamily and his face will appear as well.

" He has the mightiest wolf I've ever seen " Kimberly continued " he single handedly maneuvered the rouges. He was like my prince charming saving me from distress " Kimberly said as she turned to me with her hands placed on her chest then her face turned into a sad one.

" After he took me to the hospital he vanished without a trace. Not a name or a number or an address...I'm so pained " I couldn't hold the laughter that formed when I saw that cute pout in her face. If only I could pinch those cheeks, but Kimberly hates it so I'm just going to keep my hands to my self.

" So what is the important thing you said you needed me for " Kimberly asked once we were done with the whole rouge thing.

"Well... It seems like me and Jake are going to get married."

" What! " I had to cover my ears to block off Kimberly's screaming. I knew this would be her reaction.

Out of anger for him calling me ugly, I told him I won't meddle with the marriage arrangements and wait for us to get married. As a matter of fact we are meeting with both parents tomorrow evening to finalize the wedding plans.

" Gosh, why is everything so rushed " Kimberly asked while squeezing her face. " Are you really going to accept this marriage of a thing".

"I honestly don't know but if Jake doesn't act fast it seems I'm really going to be Mrs Aloysius", I say while cupping my cheeks. It all feels sureal.

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