Kimberly's dilemma

Kimberly POV

That really happened, woah, Jake really got some guts, I say to Violet on the phone. She narrated all that happened at the dinner and all I can say was that if this marriage is happening then these two are really fated for each other , cause knowing Violet's mum, her only child can't marry someone with a character like Jake. I feel so guilty but I can't tell Violet that I put her in this predicament. Sure they were still going to marry with or without the mate bond, but me telling their parents they were mates made them more intent on getting them married. If only I kept my mouth shut.

I'll call you back I said to Violet after hearing the commotion downstairs.

" She's mine!, you get that!" I heard Max say to Josh, mum's fiancè. He really got some guts to show his face here after all he had done.

" Get out of my house max" my mum screamed as she shoved Max but he didn't budge, instead he kept reaching out for Josh.

I stood there watching the drama unfold. I wasn't in support of any of the two so why would I butt in, they can murder themselves for all I care.

Josh was a complete gigolo. Nothing can change my mind.

My mum shelters him, feeds him, buys his clothes, does everything for him. But because she's blindly in love to the point she couldn't

read the writing on the wall that screamed run. He literally screams red flag!.

As for Max, after bringing my mum to the lowest by introducing her to drugs, he ran off with her savings and jewelries and I'm sure he's low on cash that's why he is here.

I thought werewolves were one of the most smartest creatures, but my mum proves that theory wrong, or maybe she's the only foolish one. She just doesn't know when to give up. Maybe she mixed with humans too much to start thinking with her heart instead of her head.

After Max had left after leaving Josh with a swollen eye my mum turned to look at me. I glared at her before stomping my feet to my room. I bet she's looking at the floor dejectedly, while Josh was giving fake sympathies. I'm honestly tired of all this.

I picked my phone and dialed Thomas number. I wasn't expecting him to pick the call that fast.

" Hey Kimberly " Thomas said on picking the call.

"Hey", I said lazily.

" You called?"

"Yeah. Want to have some drinks," I asked as I searched my wardrobe for a cloth.

" It's hot noon Kim, who drinks by this time of the day"


" Did something happen? You know you can talk to me"

"I know. Let's just meet up, anywhere is fine by me, I just want to leave this house, it's suffocating".

" Ok let's meet up at a cafè, I'lll text you the address"

"Ok, thank you Tom."

The call ended and I got ready to go meet up with Tom. If there's any one who knows so much about me, it's Tom. He's been there all my life and I can't be more grateful to any one but him. Yeah, Violet is my best friend but I don't want to trouble her, that girl has so much on her plate and I'm not ready to add mine to it.

I picked a white top and a blue jeans with a pair of white sneakers, and with that I was ready to go. My hair was lifted into a ponytail giving me a really youthful vibe. I looked at my self one more time in the mirror and I headed for the door.


I've already reached the door of the living room when my mum called. I stood without turning as I waited for her next words. I just can't face her now.

" Are you going out?"

"What does it seem like I'm doing" I snapped.

" Can we talk?"

"Later. I don't want to talk you now," I said and I left. I can imagine my mum standing and looking at the door, maybe crying...she brought this upon herself.

" your mom is getting married " Thomas said with his eye popped wide open.

"Not only that, she's the one paying for the wedding, down to the man's suit" I said completely furious

" Then he's a complete gigolo. What man wants to get married without even having little cash on him. I bet he's going to divorce her soon and claim half of her properties"

"Exactly but she can't see it. Max even came this morning.. gosh it was such a huge scene," I say, frustration etched all over my face.

" Max as in Max?" Thomas asked which had me nodding.

" He sure has some guts to show up after all he had done. Why didn't you call me earlier? I would have put that bastard in his place"

Are you not taking this too seriously, I asked seeing Thomas fuming.

" I-I mean, you suffered a lot when he was with your mom. I was only looking out for you." Thomas said while chuckling

"Did tell Jake and Violet's parent that they are mates?. " Thomas asked

"How did you know?"

" I figured. Jake is really suspicious that you spilled the beans, you'll be in big trouble if he finds out you're the one" Thomas said teasingly.

"I really didn't mean bad by telling them but...just don't let him know, I'm sure he can't do anything without proof, I said casually. If he ask me I'll just deny. Simple."

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