Prophesy 1

Violet's POV

My mom is giving me weird looks right now. It's almost as if she's seen a ghost.

"I should have expected it" I hear my mum say.

Expected what? I asked. I'm sure this is related to Kendrick and the witches.

My mum looked me up and down as she checked for something on my body.

"Thank God they didn't hurt you" Now I'm sure this is related to the witches. She sure has a lot of explanations to render to me cause this is all too baffling, and in one night at that.

Let's go in and talk mum. By now my mum had regained her normal poise and it seemed like the reaction from her earlier was all fake. But I know it wasn't fake. This is as real as it gets.

"They've really found me" my mum said as she stared at my body. I followed her line of sight and I saw the black blood that stained my clothes.

Who are this "they" mum?

"You don't need to know"


I couldn't help the scream that came out when my mum tried to brush this off as nothing.

I already know mum,and I suggest you trust m
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