Feel her out

Violet’s POV

Was I wrong to be thinking about my nakedness at this moment?

If I wanted to get answers from Emily, I would have to change into my human form. I didn’t bring any clothes with me and it was the first time someone would see me naked. Apart from my mum who was with me on my first shift, no one has seen me naked. Nudity was very common within werewolves but since I haven’t gotten used to being naked around others…I practically act like a human.

I know right. Silly of me to be thinking about my nakedness in this kind of situation. I turned back to look at Kendrick who was still laying behind the log of wood- wasn’t he uncomfortable naked? - and then at Emily, who stood smugly in front of me without saying anything. I take that she thought I was surprised seeing her here, meanwhile, I was contemplating if I should shift, or just run away. No. running was not an option; I would seem like a coward.

“Surprise!” Emily exclaimed and I growled.

“You’re still as feisty as the last t
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