Embracing one's self

Violet's POV

It wasn't so hard for me to put the pieces together. I had come to understand that what happened at the cliff years ago and recently was a manifestation of Safina's pow

Seeing her not surprised that I had such powers made me suspicious that she already knew of our past li

“And where do you think you’re running off to, Vakiba!” I took a leap of faith. Her pale face as soon as those words left my mouth, confirmed my thoug

"How long have you known?" With shock written all over her face, she as

"I'm not telling," I smirked. I wouldn't tell her that I didn't know everything, yet. It'll put me at a disadvantage. Just fragments of memories that I'm trying to fix together to get the full comprehension of things and why they are happening. With all these said, I think I need to pay my mom a visit. She seems to know more than she cla

"It doesn't matter! All that matters is that I get Jake. You've always stolen him away from me. Then, and now. But I won't let history repeat itself,
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