Getting her back

Jake's POV

The first thing I did once Thomas and I returned was to go check up on Violet. Surprisingly, she wasn't in her room. Did she go home?

I went to my father's study to go inquire about her whereabouts. Violet will never leave without informing my father.

"She went to the forest at the back for a run," Those were my father's words. That should be relieving– I knew where she was, but why did that feel unnerving? I felt like something bad happened.

"Where are you going?" Thomas shouted after me as I ran past him.

"The forest," I don't know if he heard me. I had run quite far before I yelled. I went to the back of the pack house first and I saw Violet's bundle of clothes. She must have changed into her wolf, which means she was going to take this route to get to her clothes.

I picked up her clothes and ran into the forest. Changing into my wolf would have made everything easier but I decided against it. Only the moon goddess knows what Zion would do to Violet if I let him out.

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