Getting her back 2

Violet's POV

We finally reached Jake's house after two hours of unbearable silence in Jake's car. He tried creating discussions from time to time but I was not in the mood for his tactics. What did he think he was trying to pull being all nice and even kissing me on my forehead!?

I dragged my suitcase up the stairs and to my room. A good night's rest will relieve all the stress I had to put up today. I deserve that at least. I settled my bag in one corner of my room– will arrange it tomorrow, and prepared to go take a bath.

Wrapping a towel around my body, I was about to go into the bathroom when my door flung wide open.

"What do you think you're doing?!" I yelled at Jake as I held tightly unto my towel. I watched as he lustfully trailed his eyes from my legs to my face. I guess he felt how serious I was when his gaze landed on mine and he began to stutter.

"I– is ready,"

"Is that the reason you couldn't knock?" I questioned caustically.

"Take a chill pill. I didn't kno
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