Letting go

Violet's POV

Would I be able to walk away from him? I had asked him to let me go, and I had talked big but the moment he freed me, I couldn't move a muscle.

It felt like a magnet held me in place and I couldn't move no matter how much I willed myself to.

"Do you remember high school?" I slowly slid down to the floor. "When you humiliated me in front of all the students, juniors included. You know, even after what you did, I still couldn't stop myself from liking you. I was upset, I even ignored you, but every time I saw you, even from a mile away, I wished you'd just say a simple hi to me. I still feel the same way now. I wish you'd greet me good morning, I wish you'd ask about my day, but you never did, and I only ended up feeling hurt." I stared into space as I reminisced those memories.

"I have always liked you Violet, but the anger I felt every time I remembered how you pushed Emily... I just saw you as plain evil. Someone who would kill her close friend to get what she wants." J
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