The past VII

Princess Lucia POV

A year after our encounter with Hapoda, Luna Catherine took in.

She was getting worried that whatever we did back then at Alocaus' tomb didn't work. She lost hope and skipped meals. Her depressed state was contagious 'cause seeing her like that made me depressed and helpless as well.

Not until one faithful morning that she kept vomiting and eventually fainted after complaining of having too many dizzy spells.

In haste, Alpha James called the pack physician, and he confirmed the most exciting news ever. Luna Catherine was pregnant.

Even I couldn't believe it, what more her. She found it hard to believe and kept shedding tears of joy. I caught Alpha James secretly wiping tears from his eyes as well.

The news spread like wildfire in the entire pack. Elders rushed to the pack house and a meeting was called immediately. The Luna has finally gotten pregnant after ten years, and they couldn't hide their ecstasy.

Many of the elders who pursued the alpha to take a second Lu
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