The past VIII

Princess Lucia POV (Last of this segment)

I wasn't sure I heard well, unborn child?!

"What child?" I asked. I could feel my heart racing faster than it had ever done. The last time I birthed a child, he ended up with a miserable death. What if this one is no exception?

"Don't fret. It is the child from the prophecy. The most powerful witch will be borne through you, my daughter Safina," I heard the immense longing in her voice.

"What do you mean?" I still wasn't understanding the theory she presented.

"Alocaus and Safina, my daughter, were lovers. They are destined to be together and as such the supreme God granted her request to be reincarnated with Alocaus. This has been planned for years now."

I wasn't surprised when I got the idea of things. I have been wondering if the prophecy as of when I was born was true since I haven't given birth to any powerful being. My doubts have now been cleared.

"In the nearer future, the love between Safina and Alocaus will face many tribulations, e
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