I was eating my sauced spaghetti in peace when the girl with the same gray eyes as mine who I'm starting to get curious about knowing her name approached me with a tray of food in her hands followed up by her three friends as I clearly remembered the blonde girl among them as they all stared at me disgustingly while I gave the gray eye's girl a suspicious look guessing she has to be the gang leader of those girls behind her.

I wondered what was going on and why they were disrupting my peace when I decided to ignore them and continued eating since they didn't look ready to say anything on time, especially the gray eye girl gazing venomously at me.

I saw she and Kayden walk in the class earlier together, and no one needed to tell me the two were a thing.

No wonder, I kept thinking of where else I saw Kayden's face, he was among the group of guys when I got to push this bitch head to the ground yesterday.

It was an excellent thing, I cut him off with his conversation earlier this morning.

Still drowning in my thoughts, I had forgotten those girls were still glaring daggers at me when I felt something slimy and wet on my face I jolted in my seat unexpectedly and was shocked as the clanging sound of the tray and plate made my heart beat wildly.

“Don't fucking mess with me, bitch!” This stupid brat sharing the same eye color with me barked like a lame sick dog while everyone 'ohhh'!

It took me seconds to realize that this jerk just poured the food on that tray entirely on me, and fuck! My favorite Thor hoodie was stained by this bitch, making me hit both of my fists annoyingly on the table with a loud bang as I sprang to my feet, glaring at this stupid brat who thought she had made a star out of the crazy drama she just started.

And I will serve her right to what she wants.

'Calm down Jade!' my inner voice told, but I was too angry to listen to whatever thing my mind was trying to tell as I began to lose control.

'She thinks she's the only crazy bitch here' I fumed, fisting and releasing my hands in rage.

I noticed how everyone got silent as all eyes were on me as they wondered what my next move will be, I hated one thing in my entire life, getting attention from countless people through embarrassment.

“You wench!” I roared at her in anger as the chain holding my sanity got broken while she got taken back, but she masked it away with a jerky smirk and tried to act strong when she's not.

'Aissh! You certainly don't know who you're messing with, bitch!' I screamed in my mind, but my eyes said it all for her.

Without thinking twice, I bolted closer to her and gave her a dirty slap she deserved as everyone gasped and her stupid friends behind her were just as speechless as she was and turned back to the table feeling a little pity for my sauced spaghetti and smoothie fruit drink, I grabbed the plate and aimed it directly at her face as all the spaghetti and drink wobbly and slipped down her face to her expensive clothes as she stared horrifically at me while I gave her a satisfying smirk as her eyes screamed rage.

“How dare you do that to her?” The girl with blonde hair charged forward, while I snapped my gaze intensely to her.

“Do you want to join her in the same mess she is?” I fired at her, daring her with my looks to try any nonsense even though my precious glasses got stained with whatever food she poured on me making me not see clearly.

“Fuck you!!!” She shrieked as she caught hold of my hair and pulled at it, almost ripping them out of my skull, I got hold of her hair and dragged it harder than mine as she screamed.

“Do you know who I am?” She shouted in agony and hurt as I'd trampled on her pride.

“I bet you wouldn't want to know who I am, too?” I hit her on her shoulder as she left her tight grip on my pleading hair begging for mercy, I took that opportunity to push her to the ground as she fell flat on her ass.

I was about to hit her on the face when a firm hand gripped my wrist and stopped me from crushing that beautiful face of hers as I snapped my gaze furiously to the person refraining me and saw it was Kayden.

“What the hell do you think you're doing?” He asked arrogantly, making me hiss and yanking my wrist away from him forcefully.

“What is going on here?” A deep voice echoed authoritatively, making all of us snap our gazes behind us as we took notice of the man staring sternly at all of us.

“I asked a question!” He barked at us as I looked timidly at my shoes.

“That girl on the floor started it first and this girl fought back,” A lady-like voice reported behind me, and I turned to see the person who spoke and noticed it was the lady at the counter.

“This would be the first time someone would fight back to this girl in particular,” The lady said smiling at me as everyone began to murmur against themselves and I felt happy someone could be a witness for me.

“Athena, report to my office and you,” The man ordered, pointing his finger at me as he raised a brow questioningly at me.

“Jade,” I said.

“Athena and Jade, you both should report to the disciplinary office in the next 15 minutes,” The man said sternly and left.

I glanced back at the crazy brat whose name I get to know was Athena and was now helped to stand on her feet by her minions she calls her so-called friends or whatever who couldn't help backing up their friend in a fight.

I glared at all of them, giving a scorn look to Kayden, who fixed his gaze on me and blocked my path.

I started walking to the table, brushing his arm away from my sight with my shoulder as I approached my table and picked up my school bag and made my way out of the canteen as everyone stared eagerly at me until I was out of sight.

Athena and I were sitting in front of the man who told us to meet him in the disciplinary office, as I got to know he was the head of the disciplinary section.

I didn't have spare clothes, but I've managed to clean off the food and stains with my kerchief then sprayed myself with perfume to reduce the smell of gross food that will be smelling on my body while Athena changed her outfit and was wearing a deep blue jeans trousers and black sleeveless tank top.

“Why would you do that to her?” The man asked Athena who just fumed in her seat.

“I wanted to teach this bitch a lesson,” She cussed bitterly while the man banged his fist on his table as Athena jolted in her seat.

“Don't you use vulgar words in here?” The man ordered Athena as she nodded in annoyance.

“Fine,” She said, rolling her eyes as she crossed her arm over her breast.

“Ten points added to your punishment, making it fifty points,” The man told her as I tried to stop myself from laughing.

“What! You can't do that,” Athena shouted in dismay as she placed her both hands on his desk, leaning forward.

“You don't tell me what to do, I give you orders, and you follow them,” The man shouted at her while I just pressed my lips together.

“She slapped me too,” Athena cried out annoyingly.

“See!” She bawled, showing the man the red prints of my hands which were visible on her cheeks.

'Oh, dear! That's surely a slap,' I thought as I glanced back to the man who was now staring at me.

“Jade,” The man started looking at me.

“You shouldn't have slapped her,” He said calmly.

“I was too angry and embarrassed. It won't happen again,” I told him as he sighed.

“I won't let you two go scot-free for causing such an eyesore and irresponsible atrocity in the school environment,” He said sternly, while I heard Athena snicker slightly.

“You two are to go pick dirt that liters around the whole school for the rest of today, until school, is over, and you do the same tomorrow morning until noon,” He said as I nodded.

“You two are dismissed,” He said finally.

“Okay, sir,” I replied.

Athena grumbled, moving back her chair annoyingly as she stomped out of the office.

I followed behind her and closed the door gently, which she left widely opened.

“Who the hell does he think he is?” She hissed and glared sharply at me walking closer to me furiously with a raging look, while I just stared calmly at her.

“You! Yo-you caused all this, and you'll regret this, regret stepping into this school,” She bawled murderously while I didn't move a bit from my spot.

She rolled her eyes unbelievably at me and stormed down the hallway, while I just sighed.

Thank Goodness, I wasn't taken to the principal's office, I wouldn't know how to deal with that.

The rest of the afternoon, after countless times of sitting somewhere shady to cool off a bit, I kept on picking liters around the school with a waste bin in my Left hand and a picking stick in my right hand.

Athena was nowhere to be found, and I didn't care whether she took out her punishment or not.

I just minded my business and did what I was told to do.

The sun didn't pity as it shone in his full strength while I sweated profusely.

Finally, the bell rang, and I ran off to dispose the waste.

What I needed right now was to get home and take a cool shower and sleep off.

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Jay Tashe
Athena getting exactly what she deserves don’t mess with folks who not messing with you
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As good as it may , jade is calm but troublesome ...

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