The bell rang for closing as everyone scurried out of the class, I didn't feel like going home earlier, so I waited a bit in class while everyone scooted out. Kayden stood up, purposely brushing my shoulder with his hand as I shot him a sharp scrutinizing gaze while he smirked in return then gave me a wink.

I almost blushed, staring at him, thank God I had rolled my eyes and looked down at my book, after realizing he was out of class. I suddenly remembered that I'm supposed to say a 'Thank you,' to the girl who risked reporting Athena and her friends.

Honestly, she should have kept her mouth shut… I had a bad feeling those nasty girls won't let her go scot-free.

I scanned the entire class with my eyes and noticed she wasn't in class, so, I stood up packed my books into my bag, and headed out of the classroom.

Likewise, I decided to have some little exercise to myself, wondering where the basketball court was as I started walking, glancing everywhere as the school began to get quiet an
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