I parked my blue bike at its spot in school as I backed my school bag properly, and wrapped my hands firmly around my bag straps.

I yawned a bit slightly as I began walking towards the school building when I bumped into someone again, I shot up my gaze to the person.

“We meet again,” Kayden's deep voice echoed in my ears while I frowned at him.

“Are you making this a habit to be coming in my way, so, I will bump into you?” I sneered at him while he smirked.

“If you are looking for my attention, then you are terribly failing at it,” I spat at him as his countenance fell as he growled at me and then made a funny expression on his face.

“Me? Your attention?” He scoffed, eyeing me as he let out a taunting smirk, while I just stared at him.

“You think I want your attention?”

“That will be the last thing I'll ever want to do, Jade,” He smirked, making me shoot him a surprised look.

'My name!'

'How did he?' I thought curiously.

“How did you know my name?” I asked him nervously… I haven't kep
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