“These books!” I groaned annoyingly trying to arrange the mess I created in my locker. It was break time, and I tried to act like everything is going well, when it's not.

The pains in my ankle has subsided, and I'm able to walk smoothly without wincing by placing my right foot on the ground.

Still, fighting with my scattered books in my locker, I heard some girls talking besides me.

“Do you hear about the house party Brandon is hosting soon?” One of them said.

“Yeah! I'm so excited about it,”

“Kayden will be there too, it's just bad his tigress girlfriend will be around,” The second girl muttered.

I stopped with what I was doing immediately hearing on the mention of a party and Athena being referred to as the tigress girlfriend.

'Hmm! A house party!' I thought and suddenly smirk.

I will make sure Athena is going to take back on here words, I'm not a social personin fact, I never attended a party before in my life, maybe it's time for me to crawl out of my cage a bit.

Furthermore, I co
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