“What are you doing here?” Athena fired with rage, she was putting on a one arm black body-con dress which also reached her mid-thigh.

She reached out to me when Kayden pulled her arm back while she glared at me furiously while I smirked at her. I studied, her eyes raked me from head to toe.

“I'm sure you don't even have an invitation card, how did you get here?” She seethed angrily.

“Dumb!” I hissed out while her eyes shone widely, I noticed those around us had stopped with whatever thing they were doing and stared at us while I kept my glass of drink back on the table.

I unlocked my purse and brought out an invitation card, “Well, if I don't have an invitation card, do you think I'd be here anyway?” I asked her sarcastically, twirling the card in between my fingers at her face, as she became pale immediately.

“And thanks to my friends here,” I smirked, turning to Ivy and Ariana as I arched a brow at them to also play along, which they did.

“Yes, baby!” Ariana suddenly said and walke
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