Not like I fainted, but if I got the chance to faint right now, I would gladly accept it.

“What did you ju-just sa-say?” I stuttered, gaping with pleading eyes at him while he smirked at me.

“You heard me right, Jade, kiss Kayden,” He repeated.

“She can't!” Athena defended.

'Please, go all crazy, so I won't kiss him,' I prayed as Athena glared at Landon.

I couldn't dare look at Kayden right now, I don't think I can bear looking at the smugness that would be in his eyes.

“Why can't she?” Brandon threw at her, and Athena shifted her gaze to Brandon as everyone watched keenly.

I was sweating profusely in my spot, even the armless clothes I was wearing couldn't save me from the hotness I was feeling within me.

“Well, Kayden didn't argue when you gave Landon an erotic lap dance, did he argue?” Kai was the one countering her now.

What's wrong with these guys? It looked like they've planned everything ahead, immediately I should up to the party.

“And besides it's just a game, so, take it eas
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