One thing I've always hated in my entire life was getting awkward and uncomfortable stares from countless people that could make one wish to vanish into thin air.

This is my condition this morning as I walk through the hallway of my school, I knew this shit was going to happen, at least, I wasn't the one who did something crazy in the Truth and Dare game but just because I kissed the hottest popular boy of the school.

I would be the main target, main topic, and main gossip of the whole school…

Inhaling sharply, I shoved my hands into the black hoodie crop jacket I was wearing, and used the hood to cover my face and lowered my gaze as I kept on walking.

“OMG! Did you hear about the party that was hosted at Brandon's place, let me move on to the interesting part, the Truth, and Dare part,” I heard someone say excitingly, and I had to lower my gaze the more?

“I heard a nerd kissed Kayden,” Another voice added, and I felt like choking as I hurried on my steps.

I got to another side of the
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