Kayden's POV.

In a flash, my lips were smashed against hers. My hands snaked to her waist and tightened one of my hand around her waist, the other ran up her back, pressing her harder against my chest.

I got angry with what she said, how could she say she was not affected by my kiss? When she had ignited something deep in me.

The sweetness in her mouth made my head swim. Her lips parted slightly, and I was one never to leave an opportunity unexplored.

She struggled against me, to free herself from me, but I pressed her harder against, our bodies smashing against each other.

She was right, I thought the kiss won't be anything more than a game, but I couldn't just explain how I felt when she placed her fluffy lips on mine, they were softer than anything I could imagine.

I loved the way she tried to resist, but she eventually gave in, her hands find their way around my neck, and she stealthily raked her fingers into my hair.

She let out a throaty moan, as she began moving her lips against
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