I opened the door to my room and switched on the light, pressing the button on the socket fixed on the wall before entering the room, then I immediately stepped aside to let Kayden enter inside with the packages in his hands when I noticed he was right behind me.

He smiled at me when our gaze met, and he took a glance around my room before he marched straight to my medium-sized bed.

He placed all the goodies bags close to the foot of my bed before he turned around.

“I like your room, it's so warm and homey,” He remarked, and my lips paused.

“Thank you,” I murmured and closed the door behind me, then lean my back next to the door and folded my arms on my chest while I stared at him.

Kayden glanced around before he started walking towards my reading table, he chuckled to himself when he picked a marvel comic on my table.

“I never knew you were a fan,” He beamed, showing me one of the Marvel Comics collections I had.

“I am,” I smiled, and he quirked his brow at me.

“No wonder you are good
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