I was making my way towards the school's park to get to Kayden's car immediately before he catches up with me, the school's bell had already rung for closing for a long time, but we had to wait behind because Kayden and his friends were playing basketball.

“Jade, wait for me,” I heard Kayden say behind me while I increased my pace, laughing.

“No!” I responded, almost choking on my laughter, then glanced over my shoulder to make sure he wasn't close to me, but he was already, and I began to start running.

“Jade, don't let me catch you,” He warned, and I turned around to face him, seeing I had already created some distance between us, I stopped in my tracks with a taunting smirk on my face while he had an amusing look on his face.

“What are you going to do?” I questioned him deliberately, knowing full well what he was capable of doing.

“Trust me Sugarplum, you don't want to know what I will do to you,” Kayden said beginning to quicken his steps towards me, I eyed him suspiciously and tur
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Kimberly Joyce
you've lost us from this chapter...
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Kimberly Joyce
it's still not complete
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Kimberly Joyce
where is the chapter?

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