Chapter 6


Ana insists we escape, and to be honest, in the last few days, I have started to think more and more about freedom. After the beating Beta Stefan gave me, I made sure not to make any more mistakes. The first two nights after my last beating, Ana brought me more food, but on the second night, after she left the stables, Alpha Max almost caught her, and she stopped coming to the stables.

I spent a lot of time cleaning and decorating the Pack House for the Alpha's birthday. Tables and chairs have been put in the big dining room, while in the kitchen, food and drinks that have been prepared are waiting to be served. 

"You should eat something!" Mrs. Radu says and puts a plate with food on the table.

I remember what happened the last time she gave me food, and I a take step back.

"I am fine," I say.

She pulls a chair. "Alpha Max is too busy to notice you. So eat everything; you need your energy for tonight!" 

Mrs. and Mr. Radu know about Ana's plan to escape the Silver Pack. We will disappear after the party is over when everyone is too tired to notice four werewolves leaving the Pack House and never returning. 

I grab the plate and gobble the food as fast as I can. 

"Slow down, child, or else you will choke!" Mrs. Radu scolds me.

I wash the plate and put it on the dish rack. "I know, but I am too nervous." 

Mrs. Radu comes to me and takes my hands into hers. "I know you are but have a little faith that everything will go well."

The only thing I know is that if I get caught trying to escape again—the torture I endured before will be nothing compared to what Alpha Max and Beta Stefan will do to me down in the dungeons, where no one can hear or see me. 

Ana sticks her head in the kitchen. "Time to start taking out the food." She goes and picks up a tray with food. Before leaving, Ana looks into my eyes. "Take a big breath. If everything goes how I planned it, by morning, we will be far away from here."

I inhale deeply for a few seconds, pick up a tray and follow Ana. As I serve food or drinks, I keep my head down, not daring to look at anyone's face. When the plates are empty, I gather them, take them back to the kitchen, and clean them in silence.

Hours pass, and one by one, the pack members start going to their rooms until only Alpha Max and his Beta are the only ones left in the dining room. They keep drinking and laughing. I start cleaning.

Ana and her parents are waiting for me in the kitchen, but I can't leave until Alpha Max and Beta Stefan go to their rooms.

"You! Worm!" Alpha Max yells. "Come here!"

I tried avoiding them during the party, Ana being the one serving the Alpha's table. But now that I am alone with them, I have to do as they say. Keeping my gaze glued to the floor, I go to their table.

"Did you have cake?" Alpha Max asks.

"N-no!" I say, my eyes on his expensive shoes.

"Why not? I want everyone to have a good time today!" He throws some leftovers on the floor and steps on them. Beta Stefan spits on it. "There, I want you to lick even the last crumb!" 

I stare at the floor a second before getting on my knees. The sooner I do as they ask, the better. I close my eyes and let my mind wander. From my mental prison, Derayu rebels, but I ignore him. As I clean the floor with my tongue, I think of the blue sky and the green forest and imagine how it would feel to run free one more time.

When I finish, Beta Stefan picks up a glass of whiskey. "How about a little alcohol?"

Whiskey is not strong enough to get an adult werewolf drunk, but I still shake my head.

"That's funny," Alpha Max says, "when Ana told you to escape with her, you didn't refuse. But yet you dare say to a glass a whiskey we are offering you?"

Fuck! He knows. 

I try to remain calm as I listen to Alpha Max. My pulse accelerates, and all I can think about is that he knows and he will harm Ana and her family.

"You thought I wouldn't find out?" he asks. 


"Yes, you!" Alpha Max says in a calm tone, but I know how angry he is. I can feel it. 

I am not scared for myself, I accepted my faith long ago, but I don't want others to suffer because of me.

"Bring them in!" Beta Stefan says in a loud tone, and the door to the dining room opens. 

Five males drag Ana and her parents inside. Mikael and Sergey are the last to enter. I try to remain as calm as I can. Freaking out won't help Ana or her family. Ana is glaring at Mikael while he avoids looking at her.

Alpha Max stands. "After your last attempt at escaping, I thought you would know better that no matter what you do, you will never be free!" he growls as he speaks. "Because of you, I will have to punish members of my pack!"

"I-it's o-only m-my fa-fault. Th-they d-don't ha-have a-anything t-to d-do wi-with m-my e-es-escape," I say.

I wonder how he found out because I know Ana didn't say anything to anyone about our plans. 

"Of course, it is all your fault!" Alpha Max snaps. "But after a little visit to the dungeons, I am sure you will never think about running away!" He looks at Ana. "I don't like harming females, but in your case, I will make an exception!"  

"No!" Mikael says. "You promised to leave Ana alone if I told you her plans!" 

"Well, we lied!" Beta Stefan says. 

Ana looks at Mikael, "You are a snitch! I should have never trusted you!"

"I am sorry!" Mikael says. 

"It is too late for sorries," Ana says. "I, Ana Radu, Omega in the Silver Pack, reject you, Mikael Barbu, Gamma in the Silver Pack as my mate!" 

Mikael falls to his knees and covers his face with his palms.

"Take them to the dungeons!" Alpha Max says.

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