Chapter 9


William does not waste any time, and with a strong kick, he breaks the door. Inside, two males are behind a desk and are staring at a laptop. I am positive the one with black hair is Max, while I don’t recognize the one with brown hair. They are so absorbed by what they see on the laptop they don’t hear the noise caused by the broken door or me getting inside. Close to the desk, sitting on a chair, is a young female. From her scent, I know she is an Omega—not that I care about ranks. Her palms cover her face, and her shoulders are shaking. While no sound is coming from her, I know she is crying silently. Her clothes are ripped and torn and full of blood, and she has injuries all over her body.

“Morţii mă-sii,” (His/Her mother’s dead relatives) William swears before he removes his jacket, walks over to the female, and puts it over her shoulders before lifting her in his arms. It is only then that she notices us. Her eyes fill with fear and more tears. Her mouth parts, and her bottom lip trembles. I am sure she will scream, but when William narrows his eyes, she covers her mouth with her palm. Tears keep rolling down her cheeks, but she is as quiet as a mouse. I want to tell her not to fear William. He might look like a grizzly bear but he would never hurt a female. I am sure he would have broken Max’s arms and legs by now, but as long as he has the female in his arms, his priority is her.

I am angry as well because I can’t express how much I hate males who abuse females. Especially those who are paired with human females and act as if it was the greatest punishment they could receive. 

Mark gets close to William and the female and starts inspecting her injuries.

When our team was created, we were required to take a medical course. I was kicked out during the first class—the teacher didn’t like that I called him a misogynist. He had been kind enough to comment that females should not hunt vampires but take care of pups and their homes. Before I left his class, I showed him my middle finger and told him he should evaluate how he thinks about females. William preferred to train rather than learn how to cure an injury and only took one class. Mark has been the only one to finish the course and learn something useful.

I walk over to the desk, pick up the laptop—the males finally notice me—and I look at the screen. It takes me a few moments to realize I am looking at a live infrared camera. From the shapes, I can tell a person is being chased by six animals. Probably werewolves in their wolf form.

“Who the fuck are you?” Max growls and reaches over the desk, trying to grab the laptop from me.

I pull out the silver dagger, Judgment, so fast, Max doesn’t notice it until the sharp tip is under his chin. He freezes and swallows hard. I put the laptop on the desk and grab Max’s shirt, preventing him from moving.

“Elena Albu,” I reply. Recognition flashes in Max’s eyes, and I grin. The other male reaches for his pocket, and I growl. I am aware that the males are usually the ones that growl, but when a female has a job like I do—vampire huntress—she has to grow a pair of balls. Lucky me, I ended up with two pairs. “I think you don’t understand what is going on. Let me explain it to you. Move an inch, and you will have to find a new Alpha.”

The male ignores my orders, and I push my dagger into Max’s chin, and a few drops of blood fall on the desk. A hiss of pain leaves Max’s lips. “Stefan, do as Elena asks!” he barks at the other male.

But, because males are stupid and usually think with their pricks and not their brains, Stefan shoves his hand in his pocket, and I twist the dagger—more blood falls on the desk—making Max swear. A shocked expression forms on Stefan’s face, and he looks at Max, probably expecting the Alpha of the Silver Pack to subdue me at any moment—because males are like this and think that if they are stronger, they can manhandle any female they want. When Stefan finally understands that Max is not joking, he removes his hand from the pocket.

“Put your hands in the air!” I order Stefan, and this time he obeys. My eyes immediately turn to Max. “You probably wonder what the fuck I am doing in your pack,” I say. He does not reply, so I answer anyway, “Quite simple. I received a phone call, and someone told me you have a slave. I did not want to believe it because I thought, who could be so stupid as to risk his Alpha position? To make the story short, I got to your pack, and I immediately noticed something was wrong.”

I let go of his shirt and remove the dagger so Max can talk. He cleans his chin with his sleeve. “There are no slaves in this pack!” Max denies.

A whimper comes from the female, and I look at her. William is still cradling her to his chest. “Alpha Max is lying. He not only has a slave, but he and Beta Stefan tortured my parents until they killed them. They are still in the dungeons,” she says before burying her face into William’s chest and crying.

Max and his Beta killed two pack members?

I remember what the male I encountered earlier told me, “Two pack members passed away.”

My eyes fall on the laptop screen—I forgot about it for a moment. The person, who I assume is a male runs slower than before, and the wolves are about to catch him.

“You little lying bitch!” Stefan snaps at the female.

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