Chapter 10


Stefan is out of my reach; otherwise, I would have slapped him into the next week. William growls so loud I hear his chest vibrating, and Stefan takes a step backward. 

“Let me guess, that is the slave. Call off the wolves and have the male brought here!” I ordered Max and snap my fingers.

Anger flashes in his eyes before he does as I ask him. “Stop the chasing!” he yells into a microphone he has on the desk. The wolves obey, and from what I see on the laptop, the male falls to his knees as soon as the wolves stop running. They shift into their human form and drag the slave after them. I watch the laptop a moment more before my attention turns to Max.

“I want the slave’s file!” I say. I know Max does not want to give it to me, but he puts a hand in his right pocket, takes out a set of keys, unlocks the top drawer of his desk, and reluctantly gives the file to me. I open it and look at the only page that is inside. My eyes scan it fast, and I have a strange feeling, but I shrug it off.

The name of the slave is Vladimir, and according to the file, he is twenty-four and has been in the Silver Pack for half his life. He was born to rogue parents. Their names are unknown. That’s all the information on the page. No school or medical records, no date of birth, no family name. Nothing.

“Is this a joke?” I ask and throw the file on the desk.

Max does not reply.

Voices coming from the hallway reach my ears.

“I-I a-am go-going t-to k-kill h-him!” a male yells in an angry voice. A shiver runs down my spine as I hear him speaking. He might have a stutter but otherwise, his voice is masculine. 

“Shut up, worm! Or I will make you!” another male says.

I turn around and look at the door right when two strong males drag inside the one I suspect is the slave—Vladimir. He had short dirty blond hair and a mouth made for kissing. He has no shirt on and his chest is full of cuts, welts and blood. The only thing he is wearing is a pair of old jeans.

From the blood and injuries covering him, I know he has been tortured for a long time, and I admire how hard he struggles to get free. I inhale deeply, wanting to catch his scent. He smells like blood and sweat and other things, but beneath all that, he smells all male—musk and rosewood.

Mia waggles her tail fast while she gets close to the surface. I know what she is about to say before the word forms in my head—mate.

I think Vladimir smells my scent because he stops struggling. Our eyes lock, and my heart skips a beat. While I forget to breathe. His chest rises and falls fast. I wonder if he is breathing so fast because he ran fast for a long time or because of me. I am so caught up in the moment and all I can do is stare into the most beautiful green eyes I have ever seen in my entire life.

Vladimir is meant to be my other half, the yang to my yin and all that bullshit, but I don’t want him. Nor do I need him. But this does not stop me from being angry like I have never been before. Scratch angry. I am nuclear! No one hurts my mate and walks away alive. 

“Release him!” I order the males. “Now!” I growl when they don’t do as I say.

“V!” the female from William’s arms says. “Put me down!” she says to William.

William does as she asks, and she rushes to Vladimir. The males holding Vladimir let go of him. “Ana!” Vladimir says before hugging the female. She buries her face in his chest, and he strokes her back, and he whispers something into her ear. William growls and looks at Vladimir as if he wants to kill him. I ignore William’s antics. He probably is on edge because the female has been injured.

I have this irrational urge to separate Vladimir from Ana and rub my scent all over him so everyone knows he is mine. Instead of that I do the most rational thing a female in my position can do—I turn my back on him.

‘Our mate is hugging another female!’ Mia protests.

‘He can do what he wants because I don’t plan to accept him!’ I say to my wolf. Mia huffs in annoyance. I know Mia wants her mate and pups and a collar with diamonds around her neck, or whatever wolves give to each other when they mate, but that’s her, not me. All I want to do is to kill Mihnea. And once he is dead, there are always more vampires to hunt.

“You have a lot of questions to answer,” I say to Max. “The most important one is: who the fuck gave you the right to have a slave?” I ask with so much hate and anger because I want to separate his spine from the rest of his body for what he did to my—to Vladimir.

Max grits his teeth. “This worm does not deserve to be alive after all the pain he caused when he killed my little sister!”

Vladimir doesn’t confirm or deny Max’s words.

“If he committed the crime you said he did, he should have been taken in front of the Elders to be judged. But he was not only refused that right but also made a slave!” I growl. “Alpha Max, you will be judged for having a slave and killing two pack members!” I say.

Ana whimpers, and I turn my attention to her for a second wondering what happened.

“Elena, watch out!” Mark yells.

I look back at Max, and he sprays something in my face. I cover my face with my arm, but I inhale some air. Wolfsbane enters my system, and my lungs feel like they are on fire. I start coughing and have a hard time breathing. The room spins around so fast I feel like falling.

Before I hit the floor, someone picks me up, and my palms touch his bare chest, and sparks erupt under them. Mia purrs inside my head.

“Y-you wi-will b-be fi-fine!” Vladimir tells me as I stare into his green eyes.

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