Chapter 11


When Alpha Max told the wolves chasing me to stop and take me to the office, all I could think about was to kill him for what he did to Mr. and Mrs. Radu. I try to get free from the males dragging me to the office, but they are stronger than me. I am thinking about freeing Derayu from the prison I built around him when I entered the office, my lungs filled with the most beautiful scent I have ever smelled—lilac and hyacinth. My blood roars in my ears, and I stop fighting. Derayu howls inside my head and slams against the invisible walls surrounding him.

I often wondered if the girl I loved with all my heart had been my soulmate. After that day, when I took her innocent life and became the slave of the Silver Pack, I accepted it because it was my punishment for what I did. Every time Ana would mention my soulmate, only the face of my princess—how I often called her—would come to my mind. But the Moon Goddess has another plan for me.

I turn my attention to the source of that mouth-watering scent—my mate. My eyes lock with the most incredibly gorgeous brown eyes I have ever seen. They are so dark they appear to be black. She stares at me, and I do the same. As a slave, I know I don't have the right to look into her eyes, but even if I want to, I can't tear my eyes away from her.

She is the most beautiful creature I have ever seen. She is so petite I wonder if she eats only on Mondays and Fridays. If I were worthy of her, I would make sure she never goes hungry. Her raven hair reaches her waist, and I curious to know if it is as silky as it looks like. And her lips. Dear gods, her lips. So full and plump. I would spend hours kissing her. A pair of faded jeans hug her legs showing all her curves. On the upper part of her body, she wears a simple t-shirt and a leather jacket.

She orders the males to let go of me as if she were an Alpha, and I wonder why the hell I got paired with her? I feel Derayu is extremely pleased to have her as a mate, but I do my best to ignore him.

Ana calls my name, and it is only then that I notice a Godzilla of a male holding her in his arms as if she is a delicate flower. Next to him is another male, but he is shorter than the behemoth one. While he is young, his hair is entirely white, and his eyes are so blue they seem violet. I have never seen them before, and I assume they are here with my mate.

Godzilla helps Ana stand, and she runs to me. I catch her in my arms, and she buries her face into my chest. "It will be alright," I whisper into her ear as I rub her back.

The behemoth growls, but I ignore him because I know he is not Ana's soulmate.

My mate turns her back on me, and I don't blame her. She starts speaking with Alpha Max. When he informs her about my crime, I expect her to look at me with disgust, but instead, she tells him he will be punished for his crimes. When she mentions that he killed two pack members, Ana whimpers, and my mate turns her head in my direction.

Alpha Max takes something out of his pocket that looks like a spray can and points it at my mate. I let go of Ana, and I try to tell my mate to duck, but the words get stuck in my throat. The male with white hair warns her, but Alpha Max sprays whatever is in that container in her face. The smell of wolfsbane reaches my nose, and while it can be deadly for werewolves, it does not affect me. It never did. But I can tell my mate, Elena—that's what the male with the white hair called her—is struggling to breathe. Ana covers her face with her shirt, not wanting to inhale the poisonous air. The males that are with my mate seem to be a bit disoriented because of the wolfsbane, and Alpha Max and Beta Stefan take advantage of the situation and run out of the office. The males that chased me in the dark hallways of the dungeon follow them.

Derayu is so angry because Alpha Max hurt Elena, I am certain he will finally escape the prison I put around him. To my shock, he shares his strength with me so I can chase after him and kill him. But Alpha Max is not the center of my focus right now. Elena is.

Elena is gasping for air like a fish on  land, and I catch her in my arms right when she is about to hit the floor. For once in my miserable existence, I am glad Derayu is helping me, otherwise, I don't think I would have the strength to hold my mate in my arms. Elena puts her palms on my chest, and I feel sparks all over my body. I know she will reject me as soon as possible, but the bond between us is like a spider web, and the more I look at her and smell her, the stronger the pull between us becomes.

Elena stares into my eyes. "Y-you wi-will b-be fi-f-fine," I say to her.

The male with white hair rushes to us and pulls something out of his pocket that looks like a small medical tube. Instructions are written on it. 

While I wonder what the male plans to do with the medical tube, I am worried about my mate. 

Elena almost stops breathing.

"Sh-She n-needs he-help," I say to the male and start to walk towards the door.

"Elena is allergic to wolfsbane!" the male says, rushing after me. I start walking faster, wondering if the pack's doctor can help Elena. The male with white hair runs up to me and shows me the tube. "This is an Epipen, and it will help her!" he explains.

I stop in my tracks, and the male takes the cap off and presses it to Elena's thigh. A click follows.

It takes a few minutes for Elena to feel better.

"Put me down!" Elena orders me, and I obey. "Where the fuck is Max?" she asks as she takes out a dagger.

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