Chapter 2


As I had said earlier I am in the kitchen beginning to make breakfast for the residents of the pack house. I pulled out the cartons of eggs, the premade pancake mix, cut up fruit, sliced bacon, and the dough for the croissants. After putting the croissants in the oven to bake, I start the pancakes, and bacon. I’ll use the bacon grease to cook the eggs. I made sure to start the premeasured coffee right on time too. As I am going thru the motions of preparing the meal, I am also thinking about the project I finished the night before.

I want to run thru it mentally to make sure I didn’t forget or miss anything. I am pretty confident in what I have done. I can only hope I am right. This project is pretty important to me, not only for the grade, but also as an idea I would like to one day suggest to doctors, once I finish nursing school. Something to consider for another time though.

With a sigh I get back to work on breakfast, and pull out what is needed to prep lunches for everyone. Since I am usually at school during lunch, I am expected to have the meal ready for those that will be in the pack house. As well as having lunches made for those of us still in school. That consists of Fiona, Gina, Braxton, and of course myself, but I am not allowed to take one of the lunches I make.

I was just pulling the last batch of croissants out of the oven when I heard the kitchen door slam open. With a jump I turned around to see Aurora, and Colby standing there glaring at me. Gently setting the pan of croissants on the counter, I bow to them, and begin to move the croissants into the baskets for the tables in the dinning room.

“Hurry the hell up you lazy ass. We’re all out here starving while you’re in here screwing off.” Aurora snapped.

“I’m sorry ma’am. I’m bringing it out now.” I replied softly.

“Where the hell is the coffee?” Colby growled without even looking at me.

“In the silver pot sir.” I responded.

“Get me a cup now, you worthless, piece of shit.” Colby snapped.

With a jump, I quickly made his coffee for him, and carefully handed it to him. Before I knew what happened, I felt a slap to my face, causing my head to snap to the left.

“You disgusting trash! You never hand the cup directly to your superiors! No one wants to risk feeling your disgusting touch!” Aurora screeched at me.

“I’m sorry ma’am.” I mumbled, looking down at the floor, and lightly touching my check.

“Now hurry the hell up with our food, and do not even THINK about eating a thing!” Aurora stated.

I only nodded, and turned to load the serving dishes onto the cart I use to serve the meals on. I quietly moved into the dining room, and unloaded the food unto the table. Without looking at anyone, I scurried out of the room, and back into the kitchen to wash the remaining dishes from cooking, and put the final touches on lunch.

By the time I’m finished, breakfast dishes were dumped in the sink, and on the counter. Not a word was spoken to me. With a sigh, I rinsed, and put all of the dirty dishes into the dishwasher. As soon as the kitchen was clean, I hurried to my room, grabbed my back pack, and rushed off to school. My stomach growling, and grumbling the whole way. This would be day three I went without a meal. Teachers used to sneak me snacks and such, but had to stop when Fiona caught them, and Aurora tore them apart for defying her punishment of her slave. I knew today would be a long one between the lack of sleep, and the ever present hunger.

Getting to school wasn’t the problem. The problem came in navigating the hallways to my locker, and classroom without running into Fiona or her gaggle of friends. Over the years Fiona has amassed a group of girls who thrived on making my already difficult life even more miserable. Thankfully I managed to make it to my locker without incident. As I was quietly unloading my back pack, I happened to over hear the excited chatter of Fiona, and her friends not far from me.

“He’ll be home soon. I can’t wait. I just know that he’s my mate. I’ll be Luna, and I’ll have the hottest Alpha in the world.” Fiona gushed.

“But what if you’re not?” One of her cronies asked.

“Even if I’m not, I know he’ll take me as his chosen mate. No doubt about it. How could he not? We’re perfect for each other.”

“Hey ladies. What are we talking about?” I heard a male ask as he walked up to the girls.

“Alpha Rowen, and Beta Jax come back the week after graduation.” One of the girls answered.

Oh right. I forgot Alpha Rowen, and my brother were due home soon. They’ve been gone for 4 years now. The first three years spent in Alpha, and Beta school, respectfully. This is followed by a year traveling to other packs learning how other Alpha’s ran their packs, as well as building or strengthening alliances. Every Alpha, and Beta are required to do these things to prepare to take their respective places within their pack.

“I heard Beta Jax found his mate while they’ve been gone. I’m disappointed. I was hoping we could pick up where we left off. No matter. I’m sure I can tempt him away from her.” The daughter of our top warrior, Grace stated.

“Any way. Back to me, and Rowen.” Fiona snapped.

At that point I had finished transferring my books, and grabbing what I needed for first period. Closing my locker quietly, I put my head down, and slipped away before I could hear any more.

I still couldn’t believe I forgot about those two coming home. I had no doubt that my next three weeks would be spent preparing the pack house for their arrival. I was also sure a welcome home party was going to happen for their return. Which meant I would be doing all of the set up, cooking, cleaning, and prep for this party. With a sigh, I realized I had a long three weeks ahead of me.

Thankfully my day passed without a hitch. My teacher was impressed with my project, but knew not to say anything about it aloud as Fiona was also in the same class. Even though she was too busy gossiping with her friends to have realized what was being said. I spent lunch in the library, like usual, hiding in the corner, reading. The only thing that bothered me thru out the day was the hunger I was struggling to ignore. I really hoped Aurora would allow me a meal by the time I get home today.

The house was unusually quiet when I got home. It worried me at first, but than I remembered Fiona, Naomi, Aurora, and Gina were going out shopping for the afternoon. My father, Gamma Peter, and John were probably at training with the warriors. I didn’t know where Alpha Joseph was, but I didn’t go looking for him either. He was probably busy doing whatever it was Alpha’s did.

After dropping my back pack off in my room, I started a load of laundry, and went to the kitchen to clean up whatever mess there was from the day. I was just pulling chicken out of the refrigerator to make chicken kabobs for dinner, when my father, Gamma Peter, and John walked in. Keeping my head down, I continued to work in silence, as they got water out of the refrigerator. I was chopping green peppers when something slammed down on the counter, causing me to jump. Glancing up, I realized it was John, slamming his hand down on the counter to get my attention.

“Hey you Omega bitch. Were you even listening to me?” John growled.

Glancing at my father, and seeing a blank look on his face to the insult lobbed at me, I shook my head no.

“I’m sorry sir. I was not paying attention. I did not want to eavesdrop on your important conversation.” I responded quietly, continuing to chop.

“Oh bullshit, you little liar.” John snapped.

“I’m sorry sir.” I said, voice trembling, putting the knife down, “Is there something you need sir?”

“I asked you where the hell my gym shorts are?”

“They are in the clean laundry basket outside of your bedroom door sir.”

“Why the hell weren’t they with my clean clothes this morning? You are so fucking worthless. I don’t know why the hell we keep you around. You should have been thrown out of here years ago.”

“I’m sorry sir. When I was washing them yesterday, I found a seam coming undone. I wanted to fix the seam before returning them.”

“The only way a seam could have been coming undone is if you did something to them. What the hell did you do you ingrate?”

“Nothing sir.”

“Oh bullshit. You’re always fucking things up around here. You think we don’t know that you’re the one that broke the Luna’s favorite vase in the living room, and ripped the mirror off the wall in the hall bathroom upstairs?”

“N….No…sir. I didn’t do any of that.”

“Fucking worthless liar.” John screamed.

I jumped, and backed away from him, as he came around the counter at me, with his hand raised to smack me. I curled into myself, trembling, waiting for the blow to fall. I kept glancing at my father, hoping he would step in, but he didn’t move a muscle, nor looked at me. Suddenly I heard a load voice boom out.


I glanced over to see Alpha Joseph standing there, looking intimidating, with his arms crossed over his chest, looking stern.

“Alpha.” John gasped, as he dropped his hand, and backed away from me.

“John. What are the laws regarding hitting a female?” Alpha Joseph asked sternly.

“The law states a male is not hit a female.” John answered, looking down at the floor.

“And what exactly were you about to do?”

“She needs to be punished Alpha. She purposefully damaged my gym shorts. I know she was also the one that broke the Luna’s vase, and pulled the mirror off the wall in the hall bathroom."

"You’re sure of this?”

“My daughter, Fiona told me about the vase, and the mirror. The gym shorts because she is the only one who touches them, other than myself.”

“I see. Beta Dimitri, Gamma Peter, did you think for a second, to step in, and stop John from breaking a law? Did any of you see these incidents this Omega is being accused of, occur?”

“No sir.” My father, and Gamma Peter responded.

“John, did you SEE this Omega actually do the things you are accusing her off?” Alpha Joseph questioned.

“No sir, but I believe my daughter over this piece of trash Omega any day.” John sneered.

“That piece of trash Omega, as you call her, is in the process of making your dinner right now, was nice enough to repair the gym shorts YOU damaged in training yesterday, and was not even in the building when the other two events occurred. You are standing here accusing her of things you KNOW full well she did not do, for what? To vent your anger about being bested by a pup today? To repair your ego? To make you feel big, and bad? Well let me tell you, NOT IN MY HOUSE! Not now! Not ever. You EVER raise your hand to her, or any other female in this house again, you will be banned from this house. Do I make myself clear!” Alpha Joseph growled.

“Yes Alpha.” John said quietly, baring his neck in submission.

“Good! Now get out of this kitchen.” Alpha Joseph snapped.

I watched from my curled position as he scurried from the kitchen, my father, and Gamma Peter beginning to follow him.

“Beta Dimitri, Gamma Peter, stop right where you are.” Alpha Joseph ordered.

Both men stopped, and turned to the Alpha.

“Yes Alpha?” Both responded quietly.

“You two are leaders in this pack. People look to you as an example on how to behave. Both of you are fully aware of this, and are well into your years. You are NOT children or even teenagers. You are also expected to uphold our laws, and respect pack members. Yet neither of you were going to stop him from breaking a fundamental law. You were both willing to stand there, and allow a full grown, male wolf to strike a small, under age female, in your own home. The same female who makes sure you both have meals, clean clothes, a clean home, and is at your beck and call all day, everyday. What were you thinking?” Alpha Joseph questioned.

“We’re sorry sir.” Gamma Peter said quietly, looking to the floor while my father said nothing.

"I don’t care about sorry. I expect better from both of you. All three of you are on night patrol for a week, on top of the rest of your duties throughout the week.” Alpha Joseph ordered.

“Yes sir.” Both responded with a nod.

“Good. Now get the hell out, and stay out of this kitchen.”

With that both Gamma Peter, and my father left the room. My father didn’t glance at me once. I felt tears gather in my eyes, but I quickly blinked them back. Leila had been in the back of my mind, soothing me thru this whole scene. I don’t know what I would do without her.

“Omega, you may stand, and get back to work now.” Alpha Joseph stated.

“Yes Alpha. Thank you Alpha.” I responded, standing, and getting back to work.

Without another word, Alpha Joseph left the kitchen. Taking a deep breath, I continued to prep dinner.

“Are you ok, Chastity?” Leila asked me in my mind.

“Yes Leila. Thank you.” I responded.

“I do not understand why father would let that man raise a hand to us.” She said quietly.

“He does not like me, Leila. I am a disappointment because I am an Omega, not a Beta like everyone else in his family.”

“There is nothing wrong with being an Omega.”

“I agree Leila, but he does not.”

“I’m sorry Chastity. Just know that I love you, no matter what.”

“Thank you Leila. I love you too.”

With a small smile, I put together the kabobs, and set them on the grille top on the stove, and started the rice to go with the kabobs. I was just finishing dinner when I heard the females come back from their shopping trip. I heard tons of bags being dropped in the living room, and knew I would be ordered to wash everything, and make sure the females had their new clothes for the following day. Looked like it would be a long night for me.

“OMEGA! MAKE SURE YOU WASH EVERY SINGLE PIECE IN THESE BAGS TONIGHT, AND HAVE THEM READY FOR US TOMORROW!” I heard Gina yell before all of them stomped into the dining room.

I didn’t respond, just loaded the meal onto my cart, and rolled it into the dining room to serve. The men were already seated when I walked in. Without a word I set out all of the food. As I set the last tray down beside Aurora, my stomach growled, loudly. I immediately blushed, and lowered my head.

“I guess I need to feed you. After dinner you can have your usual.” Aurora huffed, and started to pile food on her plate.

“Yes ma’am.” I muttered.

As I turned back to my cart, I caught a glimpse of Alpha Joseph’s face. He was looking between Aurora, and myself with a puzzled expression on his face. I quickly grabbed my cart, and scurried out of the room, but not before I heard Alpha Joseph’s quiet question.

“What did you mean by that Aurora? Does she not eat what she cooks for us?” Alpha Joseph questioned.

“Oh it’s nothing Alpha. Have you started the plans for your sons return?” Aurora changed the subject quickly. She always did when he questioned her about anything to do with me.

I quickly left the room, put my cart in the kitchen, and grabbed the shopping bags from the living room. Once I got to the laundry room, I sorted everything the females had purchased by color, and who it belonged to. I long learned each female’s size, color choices, and tastes so I knew what belonged to who. We had enough machines that I was able to put one load of each female’s clothes in a separate machine. Once started I went back to the kitchen to clean up from dinner prep, and start getting everything together for breakfast and lunch for the following day.

It wasn’t long before everyone started dropping their dinner dishes into the kitchen, and going to do whatever it was they do in the evening. Surprisingly, Alpha Joseph was the last one to bring his dish in. He also brought the serving dishes with him, and put them in the sink for me. I quickly began rinsing them, but I could feel someone watching me. I peaked over my shoulder to see the Alpha standing there watching me. I quickly dried my hands, turned around, and looked to the floor, barring my neck in submission.

“Is there something I can get for you Alpha?” I asked quietly, not looking up.

“No Omega. Did you eat your dinner yet?” He asked.

“Not yet Alpha, but Aurora will be down to get me my food shortly.” I responded.

“You don’t eat what you cook?”

“No sir. That is for the ranked members sir.”

“Hmmm. Is your father aware of this?”

“I’m not sure what you mean sir.”

“Is your father aware that you do not eat what you make?”

“I believe so sir. Aurora stated he does.”

“Hmm. Have a good night Omega.”

“You too sir.”

I didn’t move until I heard him walk up the stairs. With a sigh, I went back to finishing the dishes then rushed to the laundry room to switch the laundry, and start the next load. I had just returned to the kitchen to finish up breakfast prep when I heard people enter the kitchen. I instinctively knew it was Aurora, Naomi, and Fiona. I instantly curled into myself. I didn’t know how I knew, but I knew what was coming even before someone grabbed my hair, and yanked me around.

My eyes connected with the steel gray eyes of Aurora. Before I could even say a word, she back handed me, and released my hair. Fiona quickly punched me in the stomach. As I bent over, someone kneed my in the face, causing my nose to start bleeding. The three women proceeded to start kicking me as I attempted to curl into a ball in an attempt to protect my head, and stomach.

The whole beating, they said nothing. Not one word was spoken, but they were vicious. Even more vicious than I was used to. I did all I could to keep quiet. I had long learned that screaming, or crying out would only make my beating last longer. At the same time Leila was attempting to soothe me, and whimpering in the back of my mind the whole time.

I don’t know how long the beating lasted, but when it finally ended, Aurora dropped two pieces of bread on my head while the other two laughed.

“Stupid piece of trash. Did you think you would get away with getting the men in trouble?” Aurora snapped.

“You honestly thought we would let you get away with that?” Fiona growled.

“Just because Alpha Joseph showed you a bit of mercy today, doesn’t mean anything. You’re still nothing. You’re scum. You don’t deserve to even breath the same air as we do.” Aurora gritted out.

“Disgusting.” Naomi sniffed.

“Enjoy that meal. That’s the last one you get for another three days.” Aurora stated then the 3 of them turned, and left the room.

Whimpering quietly, I picked up the two pieces of bread. With great difficulty I slowly ate them. I don’t even know what I had done to make them hate me so much, but I wasn’t sure how much longer I could live like this. Tonight felt like they were intent on killing me.

“Chastity, I’m so sorry.” Leila whimpered to me.

“None of this is your fault Leila.” I whispered.

“Yes it is. If I wasn’t an Omega, they wouldn’t treat you like this.”

“No Leila. You did nothing wrong. It’s me they hate, not you.”

“Well hopefully we’ll find our mate soon, and he’ll take us away from here.”

“If not, maybe I’ll get away if they let me go to nursing school.”

“True. If you went, would you want to come back here though?”

“Yes, of course. Not to this house, but the rest of the pack has never really done me any wrong. I want to be able to help them, and take care of them.”

“I understand. No matter what you decide, I will always support you, and be with you.”

“Thank you Leila. I love you.”

“I love you too Chastity.”

I felt Leila curl up in the back of my mind, and I could feel her working on healing my wounds. I knew it would be slow because we are underfed, and weak, but her help was appreciated. Slowly I got up, cleaned my blood up off the floor, and put everything I prepped for breakfast away. Once done, I carefully made my way to my attic room, grabbed my back pack, and went to the laundry room, to finish washing the new clothes, and do some studying. There would be no more homework, but I needed to study for finals.

Laundry was washed, dried, ironed, and put outside living quarter doors by 1 in the morning. By the time I hit the twin size mattress I call a bed, I was exhausted. Sadly I knew I was only going to get a few hours of sleep before I started all over again the next morning.

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Mindy Schuler
It breaks my heart to see someone mistreated so badly. I feel her pain.
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Why the h*kk do they have to be sooo mean to Omegas it upsets me alittle and her step mother not letting her eat, maybe the step mother shouldn’t be eatting ...
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Jess K
sorry. not everyone will like the story, and that's ok.

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