Chapter 7


Jax, his mate Molly, and I had been on the road toward home for hours. I was tired of being on the road. It felt like I had spent a lifetime in this car, and I was done with it. It didn’t help that my wolf, Duke was also itching to get out of this tin can, and stretch our legs. We had spent so many years away from home, and we were ready. We missed our family, and our pack. The last time we were home was when mom passed away.

I perked up as soon as I saw signs of Moonlight Pack, our pack becoming visible. There were no street signs or anything like that. Just symbols of our pack border. The symbol of the moon with her guiding light shining down, etched into tree trunks, doting the border. Home. It was as perfect as I remembered it. Beautiful green trees, wisteria vines hanging along the way. Even the smells were unique to home, and no words could describe it. In the distance I could hear wolves, my wolves, howling with joy at our return. Jax, and I quickly put our windows
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