Chapter 8


Working this party is hard now that I have found my mate, and I know that he will not be accepting me. I struggle to hold back the tears, and keep a smile on my face. I cannot make any mistakes tonight. I know if I do the punishment will be beyond anything I have experienced before. I can feel Aurora, Naomi, Gina, and Fiona’s eyes on me, watching my every move the whole night. I know they are waiting for me to make a mistake. Every once in awhile I catch sight of Braxton glaring at me as well, but I do my best to shut him out.

I can say that I’m glad Alpha Rowen has not approached me, at all. I don’t know how I would handle it if he did. I do all I can to make sure I don’t try to look for him in the crowd either. I simply keep my head down, and continue to pour drinks for everyone. I am working along when I hear someone clear their throat, and I catch a familiar scent. One I haven’t smelled in 4 years. I peek up to see Jax standing there. He has a pretty gi
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Cristina C. Sanchez
It’s just a fictional story. Don’t get carried away by your emotions…
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Sylvia Bable
he is a real jack i thought more of him. he is not a real ALPHA
goodnovel comment avatar
Tears, honestly I had tears come when he rejected her. Real Alphas accept their mates regardless of Omega status, how disappointing of Rowan

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