Chapter 97


After breakfast everyone went off to do their own thing. Ross, Braxton, and Gina went off to school. Molly went to teach. She was loving her students, and teaching even more than she did before. Melissa was scheduled to work at her mom’s shop with her for the day. Dad, Joe, Peter, Jax, and Rowen got to work on their usual responsibilities.

That just left Lexi, and me with nothing to do. After some thought we decided to do some studying, and school work. We had finals coming up in the next few weeks, and we wanted to prepare. We had our books, and notes spread out all across the living room floor. Lilac was stretched out in the sun by the window, sleeping peacefully.

“Hey Chas.” Lexi said suddenly.

“Yeah?” I questioned as I flipped over a page of notes.

“We didn’t make you uncomfortable the other night did we?”


“With all of the sex talk.”

“Oh. Uh A little, but that’s ok.”

“Sorry. We didn’t mean to.”

“It’s really ok Lexi. I need to know I
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Derena Marie
best Chas chapter in a while.. great steps
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Petagay Thompson
good chapter

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