Promised to the Mafia Boss
Promised to the Mafia Boss
Author: Lin Daniels

One-The Promise


I don't know what the hell I'm doing on the South coast of Mexico.

It's certainly not to party.

No, I've been summoned.

Summoned by the Capo of the infamous Luiz cartel. I've never done business with them because Luiz himself has to invite you to do business with him and I've certainly never been invited.

But if you do get summoned, you have no choice but to go.

Fernando Luiz is not a man you deny. Deny him and your business will crumble. You will slowly see all your money disappear, your contacts vanished into thin air, and I'm a man who loves my money. I've worked hard to get mine and there is no way I'm going to let anyone destroy what I've built.

Not even by Fernando Luiz himself.

So here I'm standing, a buff guy digging up my ass for concealed weapons.

"Find anything yet?" I ask him, my voice bored.

Buff guy looks at me with murder in his eyes.

I also don't want to be killed, at least not today, so I shut my trap.

"You're done." He says gruffly.

Did they really think I'll be so stupid to carry? I'm a lot of things, but suicidal is not one of them. The day I do die, I will go down fighting with my last breath.

The Luiz mansion is a masterpiece, I stay in the city and even though my pad is top notch, it doesn't compare to the luxury of this place.

Buff guy leads me to the back of the house and opens a heavy oak door. Usually I don't operate alone, that would be tremendously stupid, but this is what the Capo ordered, so I left my men behind at the hotel when Luiz's car came to get me.

The room looks like a miniature boardroom, but it's empty.

"Capo will be here soon." Buff guy says and closes the door behind us, looking at me like I might magically get a gun from thin air and start shooting him.

So I take a seat and stare right back at him. These people clearly don't know me all too well. I don't do kindly with threats and I might be way out of my league here, but they won't intimidate me. Even though deep inside I have to admit to myself that I'm scared.

But just a little bit. 

If this is the day that I die, at least I look good. I will make a handsome corpse if I do say so myself, that is if they don't shoot me in the face. 

The door opens again and I get to my feet when the one and only Fernando Luiz walks through the door, looking like he owns the whole universe. Which he probably does. The man is a legend in the underground business world. For decades, he's been untouchable, making money moves that are downright admirable. 

"Mr. Luiz, it's an honor." I meet him halfway to shake his hand. 

He still looks very good, regardless of his age. I know he's pushing past sixty now, but his physique is still trimmed, his suit tailored to perfection and the grey hair at his temples stylishly slicked back. 

"Aahh mr. Rossi, the pleasure is mine." His grip is strong in mine, and if he is planning on killing me, then at least his good-looking smile would have been the last thing I see. 

"Please take a seat," He motions to the chair next to the head of the table and I oblige. "Would you like anything to drink, a glass of champagne perhaps?" 

"Are we celebrating something?" I ask sceptically. 

"You see, this is why I like you." He shakes his finger at me. "You have a great gut feeling." 

He likes me. That means my death won't be happening today. At least I hope not, there's still that bottle of scotch that my father was so holy over that I have to drink. 

"Not to be forward mr.Luiz, but why am I here?" I ask, I've never been one to beat around the bush. Lay your intentions on the table, I believe. 

He chuckles richly. "You're a man of action, I like that, but please call me Fernando." 

I raise my eyebrows. "Word on the street says nobody calls you by your first name." 

"Ahh, one should never believe everything one hears, no?" 

I see it then. That look of malice in his eyes that he's famous for, the look that takes over drug empires to make it his own. He's definitely not an old man, he looks as fit as a fiddle. Is this why I'm here? Does he want to take over my business too? 

I don't deal drugs. Sure, my clubs are full of it, but I have a standing deal with my cousin who rolls it out. As long as my clubs don't get raided, I allow it. It brings more business to me, so who am I to complain? 

My real business is weapons, and not the street kind either. I've built what my father left behind into an international conglomerate, providing rebels with the stuff that they need. 

"Only people real close to me feel comfortable using my name," He continues, a slight smile on his mouth. "And I was hoping you and I will get to that level of familiarity." 

I tilt my head, seems like my suspicion was correct. "Do you want to do business with me? I didn't think my type of trade is of any interest to you." 

"Oh, of course not." He laughs jovially and gets up from his seat, going over to a drinks table set up in the corner. "As you know, my business is a very successful one. I think we will have a drink, no?" 

I prefer never to drink when negotiating a business deal. Only after my deals are set do I allow myself to have a little bit of fun. And never in the company of business associates. I deal with dangerous people, I prefer to always be clear-headed. 

Yet I accept the drink he holds out to me, taking a small sip of the amber liquid. "Thank you." 

He inhales deeply as he takes his seat again. "You see, I've built all of this, I have billions stored away in off-shore accounts, but I'm an old man now." 

I would definitely not call him that, the man seems to have lots of breath left in his body. 

I raise my glass to him. "You sure have, Fernando." 

He seems pleased that I've called him by his name, I'm entertaining him because I'm very curious as to what he wants from me. 

"And a man such as myself, would like to retire peacefully with his wife, you know." 

I almost spit the little bit of alcohol that I do have in my mouth out. Never have I heard of Fernando Luiz having a wife. He's never been seen with women of any kind. 

"Surprised?" This time he tilts his head at me, his eyes gleaming. "In this life you have to keep your enemies close, and your family out of the business. It's all about protecting your assets." 

He has a family? Color me surprised, Luiz is a ruthless man, I don't see him having kids. 

"This is why I cannot let you leave here today without you making me a promise, Silk." The malice is back in his voice, the real Fernando Luiz coming to the surface. 

"And what promise would that be?" I'm almost too scared to ask, but I'm already in the lion's den, so at this point it's a matter of fight or flight. 

"You are to take over my business, of course."

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