My head is pounding and I groan as the sunlight hits me square in the face. Reality crashes down on me and I cover my face with a pillow.

I'm an engaged man.

Not officially yet, but engaged nonetheless.

I lost my most lucrative business.

My entire life changed in a matter of hours and now I'm hungover and horny as fuck, and there's nothing I can do about it. If I do, my balls might get cut off and sent to my mother as a Christmas present.

Maybe if I refused to meet Luiz I wouldn't have been in this position right now, but I'm not stupid either. I know for a fact that man would have made a plan to get me to do his bidding. For reasons I can't fathom, he chose me out of all the men in the world to marry his daughter and run his company.

And his daughter is Olivia fucking Carter. One of the most famous women in the world.

Out of everything, that was probably the biggest shock. She is the face of various brands and a little over a year ago she started producing her own beauty products, making her one of the richest women under thirty years old.

Her mother is a retired supermodel turned philantropist, and according to the world, her father is a famous actor who came out as gay shortly after her birth.

Smoke and fucking mirrors.

I'm not a man that is easily surprised, I've seen a lot of shit on the streets growing up and in the arms trades, but I have to give it to Luiz. The man spins a story that everyone believes and yes, I now know his secret, but he has me by the dick so to speak. I wouldn't dare reveal to anyone that he has a wife and daughter, not even to my closest allies.

Speaking of which, the door to the bedroom I stay in bangs open and in walks one of my best friends and right-hand man, Romano. "Dude, what the hell! You bailed on us last night."

I sit up and clutch my head. Yeah, that bottle of tequila was definitely not a good idea that I almost finished by myself last night. The guys were out at some club, I was supposed to meet them there, but I came straight to the villa after everything was discussed and drank myself in a stupor.

I grab a pair of discarded sweats and pull them on. "Yeah, my meeting ran late."

"How did it go?" Romano wants to know.

Even though he's my right-hand man, he knows well enough I sometimes don't disclose who I have meetings with. Some clients like to stay anonymous and a lot of times I close a deal by myself before I tell him anything.

It's a dangerous game I sometimes play, but the thrill is always worth it. Like now, I'm getting a wife. One I didn't sign up for, but at least I can't say my life is boring.

'It was good."

He knows not to ask questions. I will tell him when the time is right.

"Neill and I want to go this beach bar thing this afternoon." He calls after me as I head for the bathroom. "We met these chicks last night who mentioned it. Don't worry, there's plenty of pussy to go around."

Oh, how I wish. "Not happening."

He follows me into the bathroom where I'm desperately brushing my teeth trying to get rid of the stench of tequila.

"Why not? We're only flying out tomorrow morning, we might as well have fun while we're here."

"We already have a date."

As part of Luiz's master plan, Olivia and I are to be seen photographed together today here at the resort we're staying at. The paparazzi follows her every move and the setting is perfect.

An in love couple who is finally out together in public for the first time. I'm sure he hired the damn paparazzi as well.

"Those chicks were fire." Romano sing-songs.

My head starts pounding even more, but luckily I find asprin in the medicine cabinet. This place probably knows the tequila doesn't play.

I shake my head. At any other time I would've been all for the fun, enjoy the local cuisine and the ladies the place had to offer. Now my family's life literally depends on the decisions I make, I made a deal with the devil himself and I'm not getting out of it.

Romano goes on about the great time they had at the club and I wish things were that simple again. We find Neill and my stepfather, Simon, on the patio having breakfast.

That fucker knew my stepfather goes with me everywhere as the head of my security detail, I wonder if he knows that I have a tracker planted in my arm. Simon always knows where I'm at, in case things go sour. 

"Rise and shine!" Neill holds a champagne flute in the air filled with orange juice. "You missed a great party." 

I can feel Simon's introspective gaze burning on my face, he was here when I got back and watched as I took shot after shot. What I like about him is that he never asks questions, especially when he doesn't want to know the answer. 

I take a seat and take a deep breath, bracing myself for the inevitable questions. "I'd like you guys to meet someone today." 

"Is this the date you were talking about?" Romano asks. 

"Yes, I've been sort of seeing someone." 

Everyone looks at me like I've grown two heads. Apart from a lot of the illegal business dealings, they know everything about me. They know what I had for lunch, what I did for New Year's Eve, so they definitely know who I've been fucking. 

"In Mexico?" Neill asks, a confused look on his face. 

"Well, she's here right now, and I'd like you to meet her." 

All three are silent and I know they must think when the hell have I been seeing someone seriously that they were unaware of, so I have to act the story out very convincingly that Luiz spun. 

"Don't look so shocked, I do have a heart." I reach for a bagel. 

"You have never dated, like in never!' Romano reminds me. "You hook up, that's your thing. Both Neill and I have had girlfriends, but never you." 

I shrug. "Maybe I haven't found the one I wanted to date yet." 

"And where exactly have you been hiding this girlfriend?" Simon finally speaks up. 

Always a man of logic, my stepfather is. 

"In my DMs." I pour myself a glass of juice as if I haven't just told the people closest to me a big lie. 

"You hardly use your I*******m account." Neill shakes his head.

"Oh, I haven't been posting really, doesn't mean I haven't been chatting to anybody." 

I knew this wasn't going to go over smoothly. You don't just announce to your friends that you suddenly have a girlfriend out of thin air, especially if you have been sleeping with someone different every weekend. 

"But you and that Roxy chick hung out last week." Romano says. 

"Old news." I try to sound nonchalant. "But this woman is actually someone I really like, so please don't mention Roxy or any other chick in her presence." 

She already doesn't like me, and I have to marry her some time or other. And I really like sex, so I don't want to antaganize her further. 

"So what's her name?' Simon's eyes are narrowed on me. 

"Olivia Carter." 

"No shit!" Romano exclaims, his mouth gaping open. "Olivia Carter, like the model chick?" 

Disbelief is written all over Neill's face. "It can't be!" 

I take a tentative sip of my juice, wishing I spiked it with something stronger. 

"The one and only gentlemen." 

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