The Love Of A Powerful Man
The Love Of A Powerful Man
Author: VTH

Chapter 1: Alive!

Violet awoke from her nightmare, her whole body drenched in sweat, drenching her nightgown. Violet clutched her head, panting, she looked around bewilderedly around her bedroom, then quickly got off the bed and stood in front of the large mirror.

"It is me! Am I still alive? But I'm already dead, I jumped into the sea to commit suicide but… why… am I here?”

Violet was stunned, she didn't know what happened to her, she quickly took out the phone on the table and opened it, the date on it was May 28, 20XX, which is two years before she committed suicide, which means she went back in time two years?

Violet scratched her head and pulled her hair at this moment, she was really confused, couldn't understand what happened to her in the end, she was dead, she jumped into the sea to commit suicide but now she is here, here in her bedroom, and in time it was two years ago.

This is completely absurd, she is a normal human who cannot have supernatural powers like going back in time or resurrecting herself...

Violet came to the large mirror again, this was her figure at eighteen, her skin was rosy, her body was full of life and she looked so beautiful.

After a moment of panic, Violet calmed down and went back in time to the year 20XX when she was eighteen years old. Once again she is resurrected in this world, this is not only absurd but it is also very miraculous, Violet does not know some miracle that brought her back to life, maybe God has mercy on fate filled with grief, so he gave her a chance to correct her mistakes.

Violet stood firmly in front of the mirror, she lifted her nightgown, her leg was completely healed, not broken, and there was no wound on her body. But she still couldn't believe this miracle was happening, she was afraid that it was just a dream, so she pinched herself painfully to believe it.

She felt pain, it was very painful, and the place where she was pinched was already red, so it was true that she came back to life, living a new life.

Her mother - Anna Taylor saw that her daughter had not come down to have breakfast, so she knocked on the door and called:

“Are you awake yet? Get up and have breakfast."

Violet was overjoyed when she heard her mother's voice, and she replied in surprise:

"I'll be right down."

Violet hates her mother's voice because she knows one day not far from her family will throw her away for money and power like an ugly stone with no value. Violet knows it's all she's been through, but now those things haven't appeared, so she can change her destiny, and live for herself.

During breakfast at Taylor's house,

Mrs. Anna reminded Violet: "Violet you should get up earlier, there are many things you need to learn in school."

"That's right, it's time for you to learn how to do business like your brother, don't just hang out with your friends all day, money won't be born in your wallet if you don't do anything. there."

Violet stopped eating, she recalled in her previous life because she didn't study properly and only played and played all day with her friends until she was abandoned by her family and couldn't make a living and her friends also turned away. with her when she ran out of money.

Violet firmly said to her father: "Yes, I will study well!"

Mr. Taylor was very surprised by his daughter, he thought she would be disobedient and normal like every other day, but today she looks so different, like growing up overnight.

But they all didn't know that the Violet in front of them was not their little eighteen-year-old daughter who could only raise her hand for money all day, only knowing how to coax them, but Violet from the future, her real age was twenty years old. This matter Violet will not tell anyone.

The private driver takes Violet to school, this year is her final year of high school and she has to take the exam to a university, she may not need to take the exam because her parents will choose the school and apply for her admission to the school they choose. She would just be a pretty doll according to their arrangement. But that was the previous life in this life she would never let her life be controlled by anyone even her parents.

“Hey Violet, so early to school today? I don't usually see you going to school." Ban put her arm around her shoulder and smiled.

Ban is one of her friends, who is also the one who abandoned her when she heard that she was empty-handed and was abandoned by her family, pushed out of the list of members of the Taylor family. Violet already knew her true face, so she didn't want to talk to her or continue to be friends with her.

Ban still doesn't know Violet's thoughts, only thinking that Violet is unhappy:

"What's wrong, what are you unhappy about?"

Violet pushed Ban's hand away, showing her displeasure:

"Let go, don't mind my business, don't act like you're close."

Surprised by Violet's attitude, Ban was at a loss for words.

In her mind at this moment, Violet outlined a goal and things that must be accomplished. First, it was to cut ties with the people she called friends, but by the time she had no money left, she was no longer a rich lady, they abandoned her. Ban is that person.

After the first two hours of class, Ban, Jessica, Laura, and Mina asked her to skip school and hang out with the guys they just met at the bar yesterday, those guys had nice cars and said they wanted to invite them all over. a chat restaurant.

Jessica dresses very gorgeously and revealingly:

“Hey, would Violet come with us to the diner? Yesterday, there were some very handsome guys who invited us, let's meet them today. There's a guy in there that suits your taste very well."

In addition to Ban, the other three people are also traitors and abandoned her, they know that she has money, which is understandable because her family is the richest in this school, and her parents also give her a lot of pocket money.

They asked Violet to go because they wanted her to be able to buy them what they wanted and pay for those meals. In her previous life, because she was afraid of losing friends because she was afraid that no one would be friends with her, she spent a lot of money to please them. But now she knew they weren't worth being her friends.

Violet looked at them nonchalantly and replied:

"I'm not going anywhere, you guys just go."

Mina pouted her hand and said:

"What's wrong, you look so bored today, you'd love to hang out with us."

“But I don't like it today, well… I don't like it later, you guys go by yourself, don't invite me.”

Violet's attitude was not only indifferent but also unwilling to talk to them, making them very uncomfortable, Laura said angrily:

“What, what's with your attitude? You don't want to hang out with us anymore, what's the point of studying but your rich dad will let you go to a prestigious university anyway, wouldn't it be better to hang out?"

"That's right, let's go out, we don't have any money today, if you don't go, how will we pay?"

Violet couldn't hear it anymore, did they end up playing with her just because she had money and a lot of money:

“You mean you want me to pay for your expensive bills?”

"That's right, don't you often do that, that little money is nothing to you, your family is very rich, a day's allowance is up to 500 Dola."

Violet saw that the people she considered friends for a long time did not consider her a friend, but they considered her an ATM specializing in paying their bills, she found them disgusting, Violet said disgustedly:

“Dream, why should I spend my money on you guys? My family is rich, so we have to spend money on you, whether it's 1 dollar or 500 dollars, it's all my money, why should I pay you guys."

“What are you talking about? You yourself said that you would pay our bills as long as we wanted to.” Ban said annoyed.

Violet saw that they were so shameless, she waved her hand and said:

"But now I don't want that anymore, you guys go away."

The four of them find Violet different today as they have turned into a different person, the Violet they know will spend money on them, and listen to their orders like an idiot because they know she wants friends. and they will be friends with you if Violet does it right. Laura crossed her arms over her chest and said:

“If you don't help me pay those bills, we won't be friends with you anymore.”

Violet heard that and smiled happily, like gold: "Okay, thanks for not being friends with me."

Her words surprised them, and the four girls left angrily.

Violet secretly laughed in her heart, wanted to spend my money, but also wanted to take advantage of my feelings? It's ridiculous, consider me an obedient fool, don't wait, I won't go back to the old days.

Violet felt that her previous life's death was worth it because she was stupid enough to be abandoned by the people she loved and yet naively trusted them.

Violet wants to step by step eliminate those who hurt her in her previous life, because she already knows their true faces, so she will know how bad they are.

The teacher was surprised that Violet didn't leave midway, but he didn't dare say anything. Violet's rich family also invests a lot in the school because not only she but her brother also studied here, so no teacher dared to make it difficult for Violet even though she skipped school to go out.

Violet has already decided that she can't stay in her parents' arms forever, and then one day they pull her out of the house for money and power. She needed to have her place in society and had to quickly have a life of her own so that she could avenge herself.

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