Chapter 2: Fateful party

After that day, the other four girls continued to bother Violet. They still wanted someone to pay for their expensive designer bills, their allowance for a month was only enough to buy a cheap bag.

They frantically apologized to Violet for yesterday.

"Let us apologize, we are close friends right, don't quarrel because of unhappy things, let's make up."

Laura reached out her hand to shake hands with Violet and beside her were the expectant eyes of the other three. But Violet is no longer an innocent and simple girl, in front of that expectant look she only feels more disgust and disgust, Violet doesn't care they continue to take books from the closet:

“Stop bothering me, you just want my money, your ugly minds disgust me, go away.”

Laura retracted her arm, and the four of them became angry and scolded Violet for being the kind of person who arrogantly looked down on them. Violet also doesn't care, she despises the four of them, only knows how to buy expensive things and spend lavishly, holding her money as their own without feeling guilty or saying thank you to Violet.

Violet came home, and saw everyone preparing to go somewhere, she asked:

“Where is everyone going?”

“Violet have you forgotten, today is the birthday celebration of the head of the Barker family, I told you a few days ago that you forgot? Go get ready."

Violet now remembered that today is the day the Barker family celebrates the birthday of the head of the family - Patrick Barker is also Dominic Barker's grandfather.

Remembering Dominic Barker, she felt uncomfortable and disgusted with him, in her previous life he was the one who harmed her so much that she had to commit suicide. Violet didn't want to go to that party, she said:

"Then you three just go, I don't want to go there."

Mr. Taylor heard his daughter say this and shouted at her:

“Not asking your opinion whether to go or not, we all have to go, that way we can make a good impression on the Barkers and then have the opportunity to cooperate with them later, don't talk too quickly. Get ready.”

Violet could not tell her father again, her father would never go to places that did not bring him value. Finally, under the pressure of her family, Violet had to dress up to attend that birthday party. In the car, her father constantly reminded Violet to not embarrass the family, she just needed to be quiet and enjoy the food there and didn't need to communicate with anyone.

"You can stay where you are, don't go anywhere, don't talk nonsense, you know?" - Violet's mother said

“Yes, I know.” Violet sighed.

Violet became an obedient daughter, she did not talk to anyone, went to that party listening to the people on the stage, and then went to the banquet table full of delicious food beautifully displayed.

Violet recalled her previous life at this birthday party, where she met Dominic Barker, the man who makes her madly in love even though it's only one-sided love. But after being harmed by him to the point of jumping into the sea to commit suicide, if Violet was still in love, she must be an incurable fool.

Violet stood eating cakes and watching everyone as she hummed the nostalgic song that she had heard so much in her previous life.

The main character of this party, Mr. Patrick Barker, was slowly coming up to say:

“Thank you to everyone who took some of their precious time to come to my birthday party, as you can see I am an old man, and it is time for my children and grandchildren to take my place… Also today I want to announce to everyone that my nephew Dominic Barker will be the new President of the company and will also be the head of the Barker family.”

Mr. Patrick Barker had just finished speaking when the crowd clapped enthusiastically, and the media also shot continuously to capture valuable moments. Although it is just a birthday party, the scale is too large.

Patrick Barker's nephew is Dominic Barker, he is a young billionaire with a very sharp business mind, the Barker family company that is run by him will grow stronger and stronger.

Violet heard the name Dominic Barker stunned her, she also predicted that she would definitely meet him in this place but still couldn't keep her composure, her heart was pounding, not she was trembling, but she was impatient to want to kill him, Dominic Barker who indirectly killed her in her previous life.

Dominic Barker was invited to speak, Violet was dizzy because she remembered her previous life. Suddenly, when she looked up at the stage, she caught Dominic's eyes also looking at her, but she just considered it a coincidence, immediately turned around and quietly left.

While everyone was having conversations and greeting each other, Violet was alone, bored, watching everyone. Violet today wore a slightly knee-length skirt, a pastel pink dress with lace at the bottom, and the front part, although not gorgeous and bright, exuding a pure and gentle look.

Violet wanted to make herself as pale as possible, which was why she didn't want to wear dresses that were too bright. Remembering in her previous life she wore the most gorgeous red dress at the party, but in this life, she didn't.

But even if they want to be faint, how can men ignore a beautiful young girl standing alone. An elegant man came to greet her:

"Hello beautiful lady, am I bothering you?"


The two started talking, Violet didn't want to talk to him but she couldn't be rude enough to leave so she just stood there and listened to him say that she would nod from time to time. Violet thought to herself that she wanted to find her brother to talk to, but remembered that her father had brought her brother and mother to meet the former and new president of Barker, she just had to wait until the party was over.

Nothing had changed from her previous life, everyone was telling stories like that, and the statements were the same as she had heard in her previous life. Nothing has changed, only she has changed. According to Violet's prediction, after the parents and brother met the former president and the new president of Barker, they would go to the relatives of the sister and their child - Emma Robert and Basil Robert.

Emma and Violet are the same age, but Emma's temperament and education are much better than Violet's, completely surpassing hers. Violet looked at Emma arrogantly herself and was annoyed, but she had no reason to rebuke Emma.

Mrs. Taylor happily talked:

“Emma was beautiful now even more beautiful.”

"No, I'm still the same." Emma humbly replied.

If put the two girls on the scale, Violet would lose in every way, being the daughter of a rich family, but Violet could not show anything outstanding.

Violet didn't care but she wasn't happy in her heart, how could she be happy when others looked down on her like that. During that conversation, Violet felt she was no different from an outsider.

Suddenly for some reason Dominic Barker went to her family, he greeted him very politely, Mr. Taylor saw Dominic Barker coming, still excited just now. It wasn't easy to talk to the new president of the Barker family's company, but he even came to say hello.

Violet saw Dominic coming and wanted to dodge, but was held back by her mother. Emma Robert saw Dominic Barker coming and quickly approached him with a charming smile to greet him. Everyone treats Dominic Barker like a god, everyone bows and wants to please him, but Violet doesn't.

Violet didn't want her mother to blame her for being rude, so she bowed slightly like everyone else, but the eyes she looked at him were filled with disgust and hatred. The two of them made eye contact again but this time she dodged first, she didn't want to get close or make eye contact with him.

Emma is a beautiful and intelligent person, from the moment she met Dominic Barker she seized the opportunity to talk to him, although her knowledge is not extensive, she is very clever when talking to Dominic Barker which makes her He also laughed many times. Violet stood there just silently watching and sighing boredly, she wanted to go home, not to stay in this place, she should have gone out with the other four girls today so she wouldn't have to come to this party.

Violet, while bored, remembers her past life, at that time she saw Dominic Barker walking towards her and she was the first to greet him, Violet was overwhelmed by his handsome appearance and fell in love with him. this man. She also tried to show her knowledge so that she could talk more with Dominic but at that time she was no different than an idiot.

Lost in his thoughts, suddenly Dominic Barker spoke to her:

“This lady is Violet Taylor, right?”

“Ah… that's right, Mr. Barker.”

Mr. Taylor looked at the young billionaire in front of him talking to his daughter, so he was very happy, he said:

"This is my daughter, Violet Taylor, she is so young that she still doesn't understand, this is her first time going to a big party like this, so she is very surprised."

Dominic Barker hummed and then asked:

“How rude of me to ask how old is Miss Violet Taylor?”

Violet nonchalantly replied:

"I am eighteen years old."

After asking her that, Dominic Barker mainly talked about business with her father and brother, fortunately, he did not talk to her much.

Violet knew well that behind the statue-like beauty of Dominic Barker was a cruel and cruel person more than the devil. It was also at this party in her previous life that she fell in love with him at first sight but also at this party in front of him she had only hatred and hatred. After today she didn't want to see Dominic Barker again.

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