Chapter 3: Invitation letter for Violet

After that fateful meeting, Violet no longer wants to see him again, everything will completely change from her previous life if she doesn't fall in love with him and do stupid things.

And the first big thing she can do in this life is not to love Dominic Barker, all bad things will no longer come to her. At the thought of that, Violet was shivering with joy, more excited than ever. For Violet not to take revenge, she would feel very uncomfortable, but in fact, in this life those people have not done anything to her, as long as those bad things don't happen like that, she will be happy.

Since Violet was resurrected again, she knew everything that was about to happen, it was understandable that she knew in advance what would happen in the next two years, but she would not reveal this to anyone.

During dinner, Violet stated her decision:

"Parents, I want to study in France."

"Study abroad? Why did you suddenly make that decision?” – Her father asked.

Her mother was not satisfied with what her daughter was saying, she thought that Violet should listen to the two's arrangements and follow-through, and not make any decisions.

"You should study obediently, we will find you a good school in the country."

Violet knew that her decision would not be heard by her parents, because they raised her like a doll, if she didn't decide for herself, they wouldn't let them push her to death someday.

“I have decided, I want to be a fashion designer and Paris will be my destination.”

Her father laughed, disregarding his daughter's wishes:

“You decide? Violet, all you have is we give you, you do not have the right to decide."

Ms. Taylor also agreed with Mr. Taylor, saying:

"Let's say we agree with you, let you study abroad in France, but you won't be able to enter without our participation."

Violet knows this very well, she knows that her parents will not easily let her study abroad, they want her to obediently become a portable vase or at least help her brother in the marketplace.

But she was prepared, with her parents and brother Violet was just a silly and innocent eighteen-year-old but she wasn't the Violet they knew.

In her previous life, because she wanted to prove her ability to stand next to Dominic Barker and be confident that she could become the woman next to him, she studied a lot to become a talented designer. But now she is nothing, but with the knowledge gained in two years in her previous life, she is confident that she can pass the entrance exam to a university in France.

"Dad and mom have underestimated you, okay, I'll prove it, let's bet, if I win, from now on, whatever I do has nothing to do with anyone else, but if I lose, what do you want me to do, I don't have a word of reproach."

Mr. Taylor saw his daughter being so resolute for the first time, it was very meaningful, he said:

"Okay, let's decide, do it well or you  regret it."

William Taylor's brother smiled happily and said: "I always support your decision."

"Thank you, you knew I would be on your side."

Her brother William Taylor was the first person to trust and protect her no matter what, she was always grateful and apologetic to her brother for always making him worry whether in the past life or this life.

Violet has enrolled in a university in France as she told her family, but now needs to wait for a response from the school. There is going to be a fairly large-scale design competition for young people from eighteen to twenty years old who are passionate about fashion, if they can win the contest or can make an impression on the judges will be able to easily enter a university in France.

After meeting Dominic Barker at that party, she didn't want to see him again.

Mr. Taylor is very impatient to cooperate with the Barker family company and can approach billionaire Dominic Barker, if he can sign a contract with Dominic Barker's real estate company, his career will be. will continue to grow and have a solid base. Meeting and talking business with Dominic Barker is something he always wanted.

But not only her father, but there are many companies that want to cooperate with billionaire Dominic Barker's company, so if he does not bring Dominic Barker many benefits, he will never look.

Mr. Taylor repeatedly called Dominic Barker's secretary to know the situation, but Dominic's secretary did not provide any information which made him very worried. This project is very important to Mr. Taylor and his real estate company, because of this contract all other projects at Taylor's family company have stopped.

The waiting time is too long, secretary Dominic Barker has not called him for more than a month. Violet sees her dad going back and forth all day, she doesn't understand business or real estate or anything like that but she knows for sure her dad won't win this project with Dominic Barker's Company. She knew for sure because it was the same in her previous life, but she didn't say it because she didn't want to upset her father.

Her father put a lot of effort into this project, even though he abandoned this daughter in his previous life because of money and power, he is still her father at least for now.

Violet went to school as usual, but lately, she felt that someone was watching her or at least had a feeling of being watched. She didn't feel that way in her previous life, maybe because she was reincarnated, she was always wary of everything?

In the afternoon, Violet was picked up by the driver at home.

While thinking about the contest she signed up for, there was something very noisy in the backyard, she curiously went to the backyard and was surprised. Her parents are having a party, and some of her father's employees and friends are there. Everyone was congratulated on something, they looked very happy, when Violet returned, her brother waved:

"Violet is here."

"What's wrong brother? Is today something special?"

Mr. Taylor was immersed in the party with the staff and friends talking, so he didn't notice Violet had come home from school.

William laughed and said:

“Dad won the project and signed a contract with Dominic Barker's real estate agency, he just got me to a party in two days.”

Violet heard her brother say that, and she was surprised. How could this have happened, her father was rejected by Dominic Barker in his previous life, and he constantly pressured her father's company.

Violet completely did not understand what was happening, the fact that her father won this trillion-dollar project in his previous life did not happen at all.

Mr. Taylor only now noticed that his little daughter had returned, he said cheerfully:

“I have signed a contract with Dominic Barker's real estate agency, he said he wanted to invite me to the party in two days, even sent you an invitation.”

“Did he send me an invitation? How is that possible?" – Violet shouted, she was really surprised.

In his past life, Dominic Barker hated her so much he didn't want to see her, and now he's sending her invitations?

Violet did not take the invitation from her father, she said:

"Congratulations on winning an important project, I just got home from school so let's go get changed, everyone has fun."

Violet went up to her room, she was still too surprised by what was happening, maybe Dominic sent the wrong invitation, he wanted to send it to someone else but mistakenly sent it to her. But on the invitation card with Miss Violet Taylor's name on it, there's no such thing as coincidence.

That day had to think of a way to not have to go to that party and meet Dominic Barker, her father went alone or with his brother, she would not help, it would be better to go somewhere to play.

Her father was so happy because of that project that he even laughed when he slept, during breakfast he said:

"Violet, you must go to that party tomorrow night with me."

Violet said dejectedly, that she had no interest in the party or interest in Dominic Barker, she said:

"You can go with your brother or mom, I'm busy."

"Then cancel your date tomorrow night, you have to go with me."

William also said:

“Yes, you should go with dad because Dominic Barker even sent you an invitation.”

Violet knew that but she had not asked him to send the invitation, it was because he wanted to. If she doesn't like to go, she will definitely not go there, who can force her to go. Dominic can't force her even if he's a god, a fake like him makes her really disgusted. Violet had no idea what his purpose was by inviting her to the party by name when he had just met her for the first time at the birthday party in his life.

"I don't want to go there, anyway my presence won't help you and your work, and Dominic Barker won't have time to remember all the guests tomorrow night," Violet said softly.

She said it was not wrong, her presence not only did not help her father but also hindered his work. Mr. Taylor found Violet to be very right, anyway, his daughter did not like to go to parties mainly about business. Violet was too young to really understand those matters.

But at dinner, Mr. Taylor said:

"Violet, cancel all your dates."

"Why?" – Violet asked, she didn't have a date at all, but because she didn't want to go to the party with her father, she lied that she had a date.

"I won't say much, tomorrow night you definitely have to go there with me."

Violet was very upset about this, just because of Dominic Barker's invitation, her father raised her voice at her. In this life, she didn't want to see him even for a second.

"I'm not going, you are going by yourself."


Mrs. Taylor hastily said:

"Violet you go there, even if you don't like it, just going there for a while and then coming back won't force you to talk to the people there."

William also said a few more words that softened Violet's heart.

Her father sighed: "You don't take my words seriously, just listen to your brother."

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