Chapter 4: Things are not going according to the trajectory.

Thanks to William's urging, Violet had to come even if she didn't want to, she thought she wouldn't lose a piece of meat, she didn't love Dominic Barker in this life and he couldn't do anything to hurt her.

Soon that night came, Violet was prepared by her mother for a blue dress designed specifically for Violet, which was embroidered with beautiful flowers and seductive lace. Violet wearing it made her look more mature and sexier than ever, she indulged in looking at herself in the mirror and admiring how beautiful she was.

She was so beautiful that people who wanted to love her had to wait in line, but in her previous life, she was no different from a moth attached to Dominic Barker. Now that I think about it, I feel stupid for falling in love with someone who doesn't love me.

Mr. Taylor and Violet came to the party, the party was not too big and there were no reporters or journalists present. Maybe just a casual get-together party between Dominic Barker's partners.

Violet walked into the party bewilderedly, even with her father, there was an invisible pressure on her shoulders. Logically, Dominic and she had only met once, and yet he was already impressed with her and even sent her a new card.

At the end of the new letter was: "I look forward to seeing Miss Violet Taylor at the party tomorrow night."

Mr. Taylor couldn't stand his daughter alone, so he took her to meet with representatives of other companies. Violet didn't understand business and didn't like parties like that, so during the whole process she just smiled and smiled, besides that, she couldn't say a word.

Mr. Taylor confidently introduced his daughter to them. The men there were all captivated by Violet's goddess-like beauty.

The time for the party had already passed halfway, but Violet hadn't seen Dominic Barker's face yet, she thought to herself how lucky he'd be if he hadn't appeared in front of her. But contrary to Violet's thinking, Mr. Taylor was very impatient to see Dominic Braker.

Violet was so bored with this party, that she said to her father:

"Dad, can we go home, the party's almost over and Dominic Barker hasn't shown up yet, he probably won't show up tonight."

"It's not a good thing to go back halfway." – Mr. Taylor said, he still wants to be able to strike up a conversation with Dominic Barker, every opportunity even the smallest he wants to seize.

Violet nodded, she didn't want to interfere with her father. In her heart, she secretly rejoiced that Dominic Barker's absence was a blessing for her.

But Violet forgot that the god of luck never wanted to take care of her, Dominic Barker appeared right in front of her when she wasn't paying attention. Mr. Taylor saw the young billionaire finally appear, it was not in vain that he waited until the end of the party.

“Hello Mr. Barker, thank you for inviting us to this party.”

"Mr. Taylor is polite, this is the right thing to do." ' said Dominic politely.

He said as he looked at Violet standing dumbly beside him. Violet is now fully recovered, she greets:

"Hello Mr. Barker, you must be very busy with your work to remember us, it is an honor."

"Miss Violet is too polite, you look very beautiful and gorgeous tonight."

Dominic Barker looked at her with a big smile.

Violet received such a compliment from Dominic Barker for the first time in her past life or in this life, and shyly said, “Is that so, thank you.”

Mr. Taylor took the opportunity to befriend Dominic Barker but he didn't look too interested, she could see it. Sometimes when he was talking to her father he would turn to look at her and give her a friendly smile, which did not make Violet happy but annoyed her.

Things were going wrong with what she knew, Dominic Barker shouldn't have cared about her at all, no matter how much she proved her love and ability to be his woman. Dominic only grew more and more disgusted with her. But now he was like a different person, the elegant man in front of him was not the Dominic Barker that Violet knew in her previous life.

Either way, he was still Dominic Barker whom she was not allowed to love and did not want to be in contact with.

Violet smiled reluctantly and answered Dominic's questions, who would occasionally strike up a conversation with her. Violet felt very pressured and uncomfortable.

Dominic Barker says:

"I don't know if you two have time for tonight, I'd like to invite you to dinner at a nearby restaurant."

Mr. Taylor was so happy that he couldn't stop laughing, he said:

“It is our honor to be invited by Mr. Barker.”

Violet made eye contact with Dominic, she was also amazed at Dominic's invitation, everything was more and more beyond her understanding. He looked at her smiling and asked:

"So, Miss Taylor, would you like to come along?"


“Of course, she would love to have a meal with you, too.” – Her father was quick to steal the word.

Then the three of them went out to Dominic Barker's car, which was a black supercar. Violet is neither knowledgeable nor passionate about supercars, so she doesn't know what kind of car it is.

In the car, Mr. Taylor and Dominic Barker were still talking about something that she didn't understand at all, could only sit quietly and watch them talk. Violet tried to make herself as dim as possible, she didn't want to make any impression on Dominic Barker.

If in her previous life, every time she could face Dominic Barker, she would be no different from a moth who wanted to talk to him and even came up with outrageous things to get his attention.

But now it's different, she's not a naive girl who goes crazy every time she sees Dominic Barker.

Everything would end naturally and quickly, but during dinner at that fancy restaurant, Dominic Barker was always looking at Violet, looking at her, he was also looking for interesting topics for now students to talk about. talk to Violet. If Violet didn't have to be resurrected again, if she didn't know his true face, perhaps she would have made her heart flutter because of his words.

“Miss Taylor is eighteen years old, isn't she? Are you interested in real estate?” Dominic Barker asked politely.

Violet didn't know how to respond, should she say she wasn't interested. Violet glanced at her father to see how he would react, but his eyes were filled with joy as Dominic Barker talked to his daughter.

“Ah… I'm a bit interested, but not knowledgeable about real estate.” – Violet said.

“So what does Miss Taylor like? Can you tell me?”

"Me? I like many things."

“What kind of things excite you?”

Violet wryly said:

“Just like other girls, I like bags, special dresses, colorful and tailored dresses according to my style, jewelry too.”

Dominic Barker heard him laughing happily, Violet did not understand what he was laughing for and whether his question was simply a question or had another purpose.

Mr. Taylor is in a very good mood because not only has he won the project and the expensive contract this time, but he also sees that Dominic Barker is interested in his daughter, which is a good thing if the two become a couple. Violet was only eighteen years old, but Dominic Barker wasn't too old for her.

If there was a next time, he would definitely take Violet with him and meet Dominic Barker.

Violet sat in front of Dominic Barker, she was struggling to deal with this man's questions. He asked so many questions that she reeled, she couldn't choose to answer. Contrary to her father's thoughts, Violet wanted to hurry this dinner and return home to her warm bed and the love movie she was watching.

"Miss Taylor is not only beautiful, and knowledgeable but also very kind, there are few girls like Miss Taylor."

“Ah… thank you.”

But didn't I fall in love with you in my previous life and you hate me?

Even though they are the same Dominic Barker, they are quite different, Dominic Barker knows that he hates her very much, and always wants to send her to prison. But Dominic Barker in front of her was very polite and friendly when talking to her, Violet could not see the distaste in his eyes.

“Does Miss Taylor like cars? Do you collect cars?”

“Oh, unfortunately I have no interest in cars.” Violet said softly.

In her mind she thought: “If I say I am interested, will you increase my supercar? The question is also odd.”

Dominic Barker was not disappointed or bored when Violet said that she was not interested, he even happily said:

"Then let me give you one, I hope you accept my gift."

"What? You gave me a supercar?” – Violet was surprised, does he think his brain was waterlogged?

"Miss Taylor doesn't like supercars, do you want to try it, just treat the car as a gift for our meeting." Dominic smiled seductively.

Violet doesn't know what to say with what is happening in front of her eyes, Dominic really wants to give her a supercar, the two have only met twice.

Violet is not interested in supercars and does not want to be involved with Dominic Barker, she hates him and hates herself for being stupid, so she will not be fooled again because of his actions. love him and then accept a bitter ending.

Dominic Barker seemed to notice that Violet meant to refuse, he said:

"Hope Miss Taylor does not refuse my heart, I and Mr. Taylor have a long-term cooperation together, if you refuse this small gift, I'm afraid it won't be very reasonable."

Dominic Barker hit the point where Violet couldn't refuse. Violet knew that he was playing tricks and was annoyed but did not dare to speak. He is right, her father and he have long-term cooperation, if she refuses, it means no respect for her father's partner.

Mr. Taylor heard that Dominic Barker wanted long-term cooperation, and quickly said:

"My daughter is the first time received such an overpriced item, so she is shy, please forgive me."

"So Miss Taylor is just shy and doesn't want to reject me, right?" – asked Dominic Barker, he wanted to hear Violet herself speak.

Violet couldn't help but agree with her father's wishes: "Yes, your gift is so valuable that it surprised and surprised me."

Dominic Barker heard that and smiled happily: "Miss Taylor likes my gift, I'm happy, the gift I will send tomorrow morning to your house."

The dinner ended just like that, and her father quickly wanted to discuss another project with Dominic Barker, and he quickly agreed. Dominic Barker's attention was all on Violet Taylor, he not only looked at her all the time, but he was also always looking for topics that students often talked about to start a conversation with her, seeing that she was not interested, he gave her a gift that he considers a "small" gift.

In Violet's room, bewildered and bewildered, what happened today was really strange. In his previous life, Dominic Barker not only hated Violet but also refused to sign or let her father participate in any company projects under him. Why is Dominic Barker so strange in this life, he invited her father to a party to discuss an upcoming project and even gave her a present?

Everything is going wrong, where exactly did it go wrong?

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