Chapter 6: Proposal?

Chapter 6: Proposal?

Violet awkwardly entered the living room at her father's call, she saw Dominic Barker sitting and drinking tea relaxingly talking with her father, making her even more confused. His demeanor made her feel very pressured, Dominic Barker's gaze had been following Violet ever since she entered this room. Violet's mind was now filled with questions "Why is Dominic Barker here?"; “What did he say to his father?”; "What's going on here?"... the questions clearly show that Violet is very confused right now. She wanted to get out of this room right now.

Violet was annoyed, but she politely greeted: 

"Hello, Mr. Dominic Barker." 

“Hello, Miss Violet Taylor. You came back just in time.” Dominic Barker smiled softly and said.

The two politely greeted each other, Violet wanted to hurry up to her room, but Dominic Barker's presence was no different from the presence of kings and gods. Violet looked into her father's eyes and could see that he was looking forward to something good that Dominic Barker would say. Every word of Dominic Barker will determine the joy or sorrow of her whole family, especially her father.

Violet still couldn't help but be curious in her heart and said:

"Mr. Dominic Barker is a very busy person but can take some time to come here, we are honored to welcome you."

Every time she saw Dominic Barker, Violet recalled how cruelly this man had treated her in her past life with her love made her now unable to want to be near him.

Dominic Barker smiled brightly, looked at her with gentle eyes, and said:

"Doesn't Mr. Taylor say anything to Miss Violet?"

Violet looked curiously at Dominic Barker and asked Mr. Taylor with a puzzled look:

"What are you talking about?... Dad, what's wrong?" 

Mr. Taylor had not been able to hide his joy from the moment his daughter returned home, but the decision was still with his daughter, he could not force Violet to agree in front of Dominic Barker. Mr. Taylor happily said:

“Ah… Sir Dominic Barker came here today for one purpose only, and that is to propose to you, Violet. This is great news for all of us.”

Violet heard that she was so surprised that she glared at her father and Dominic Barker:

“Huh? Why so suddenly? This… can't be…”

Violet was shocked, her speech was also stammering and confused, she didn't understand what her father was saying, was he crazy? How could Dominic Barker come to propose to her? Doesn't he hate her so much that he always wants to harm her?

Violet slowly turned to look at Dominic Barker, who was smiling at her passionately, as if Violet were the goddess in his eyes, which scared Violet to the point of goosebumps. Mr. Taylor was still overjoyed by this, he laughed a lot which made Violet even more bewildered and frightened.

At this time, Dominic Barker spoke up and explained:

"Just like Mr. Taylor said, I came here today to propose to you, Violet. Maybe this is too unexpected for you that you can't accept it. But that's okay, I'll give you two days to think, two days later I'll arrange to come here again."

"What? I…” - Violet was shocked by Dominic Barker's statement.

Dominic Barker didn't wait for Violet's reply, he turned to Mr. Taylor:

"Perhaps Violet is still shocked by this, we shouldn't shock and panic her, but two days later I will still come and I want the best answer from Violet, Mr. Taylor must have understood what I mean?"

Mr. Taylor of course wanted to answer without Violet's opinion, but Dominic Barker wanted to hear the answer from Violet himself, so Mr. Taylor flattered and said:

"Of course, I will talk. To her, Violet was a good child and also liked you very much. My family and the Barkers being able to marry is a wonderful thing.”

Dominic Barker was very pleased with Mr. Taylor's answer, but when he turned to look at Violet and saw that she was so distraught like a lost soul, it made him laugh, perhaps his words just made her too shocked to be like this. so.

Dominic Barker looked at his watch and said,

"Okay, I have a lot of work to do."

Mr. Taylor, seeing Dominic Barker get up, immediately got up and followed him, respectfully saying:

"Well, what a pity, let me see you off."

Violet wriggled to her feet and couldn't help but see off Dominic Barker and her father. What shocked her more was that before Dominic Barker left, he held her long slender hand and kissed the back of it, his voice full of manly charm:

"I'm looking forward to your answer, whatever your answer I will make you fall in love with me."

"Huh?!" - Violet was surprised by Dominic Barker by surprise after surprise.

Mr. Taylor, when he saw Dominic Barker's actions, was extremely affirming in his heart that Dominic Barker loved his daughter, but he couldn't keep an eye on the goldfish in front of him.

Dominic Barker left leaving Violet in a lot of bewilderment, she did not listen to her father's call but went straight to her room. 

What she wished for in her previous life was Dominic Barker to love her, to understand his love for him, but it was completely different now. She did not want to be involved with Dominic Barker even if it was just a face-to-face encounter, much less wanted to be harmed by him. 

Dominic Barker is a dangerous man who will do anything just to satisfy his desires. A young billionaire is also an heir to the position of Chairman of the powerful Barker family. Dominic Barker is so powerful and overbearing, that he can destroy a person or a family, or even a company that no one can stop, no one will be powerful enough to stop a villain like him. 

Violet thought that he was too boring, so he teased her, if he had stopped being bored, he would throw her away, or he might once again harm her to the point that she had to commit suicide. The chance to be resurrected can't happen twice, if stupid Violet were to fall in love with Dominic Barker again she might die fast.

Violet sat in a miserable room thinking,

"What the hell is going on with me?" 

“Is Dominic Barker crazy to say that?”

"No, it's not true, if he was crazy, he wouldn't be able to choose me as a marriage partner, I swore that I would never have anything to do with him in my life."

“My life with Dominic Barker would be like two parallel lines, but why would he intentionally cross his path?”

"I have to refuse this, God won't give me a second chance to live again."

As for Mr. Taylor who is very excited about this today, if Violet accepts Dominic Barker's proposal, Dominic Barker will become his golden son-in-law and his career will be promoted to a high level. new. His position in the marketplace will be strengthened, so he will not need to bow to anyone. 

Violet lay in her room thinking for a long time, she was afraid that if she had too much contact with Dominic Barker, he would one day use her as a screen. Remembering what Dominic Barker did to her in his previous life, he knew that she loved him deeply but what about him? He made fun of her and used his power and money to force her respectful father to remove her name from the family, because of love she became a person without a family. 

Not stopping there, Violet was slandered by Dominic and sent to prison for two years, after being released from prison, her loving brother William Taylor finally left her. He was the last person to care about her, and then she despaired and committed suicide…

Her life was a series of painful days and Violet never forgot how she had to live in the end times. end of suffering. She hated Dominic Barker, hated herself for being stupid.

So she had to run away from Dominic Barker at all costs.

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