Chapter 7: Running away ahead of time.

Chapter 7: Running away ahead of time.

During dinner, Mr. Taylor was very cheerful and he even hummed a song, indicating that the mood was very good today. William saw that his scowling father was very happy today, so he curiously asked:

"How is Dad today? What makes you so happy?"

“Of course to rejoice, Dominic Barker is going to be my golden son-in-law and your brother-in-law.”

Anna was surprised and asked:

"What do you say? Really!"

"That's right, I'm not joking."

Violet at dinner heard everyone in the family talking but she didn't want to talk, the food was delicious on the table but when it was put in her mouth, it was like a rag that could not be swallowed. A pressure meal.

Mr. Taylor began talking about everything that had happened today:

“Dominic Barker said he wanted to marry Violet and he came all the way here to discuss it with me. But he wants to hear the answer from Violet's mouth, everything about everything from his wedding dress to his ring is ready."

Violet heard that and was very surprised, she thought that Dominic Barker would wait for her to agree before preparing, but did not expect him to have prepared everything. He came today just to be formal with her, he didn't want to respect her decision. 

Dominic Barker went to talk to Mr. Taylor first, instead of talking to Violet, she guessed, because he knew that if he talked to her father Mr. Taylor would agree and if her father agreed, Violet could not argue. Thus, from the very beginning, Dominic Barker showed her an option which was to accept his marriage proposal.

Violet slammed her hand on the table, after analyzing Dominic Barker's actions she became even more bitter:

"I don't want to marry him, I don't want to marry Dominic Barker."

“What are you saying? Do you know what I'm saying? The opponent is Dominic Barker, it's Dominic Barker, do you understand?” Mr. Taylor said.

"I know, I know, but he doesn't mean to respect me, his actions make it clear that he doesn't give me a choice, and neither do you."

Mr. Taylor thinks Violet is stupid to say such things, but now that Dominic Barker is targeting his daughter, he can't get her to leave, otherwise, Dominic Barker will be angry. 

Mr. Taylor softened his voice:

"Don't think too much, Dominic Barker is not only a young, rich man but very handsome. Born into a large and long-standing family. If you are his wife then you will live a life of enjoyment and your child will be the heir to the next Barker house.”

Violet argued with Mr. Taylor for a long time, Anna also agreed with her husband's opinion, and so did William Taylor.

In the end, Violet found that the whole family had been blinded by the money and fame that Dominic Barker brought. They no longer care about their daughter's feelings.

Violet sighed and said,

"Dad and mom don't understand me, I will refuse Dominic Barker's proposal."

After that, I didn't wait for everyone's reaction, Violet ran up to the room.

Violet thought of a way to refuse that was to run away from here, she quickly wrote a goodbye letter and placed it on the table. After that, she secretly gathered the things she needed to run away, she only brought one set of clothes and documents to participate in that fashion contest, for the convenience of leaving here she couldn't get as much as going. travel.

In the dark of night, Violet wore a large backpack and sneaked out when everyone was asleep and ran to the main door. But was discovered by his brother Will:

"Where are you going?"

Violet was discovered, she was too scared, she lied:

“I… I… ah, I went out, some friends asked me to go to coffee, or not to the bar. It's late, why are you here?"

William leaned against the wall with his arms crossed, looking indifferently at his sister who was sneaking:

"If I'm not here, how will I know you're running away, right Violet?" 

Violet was surprised that her brother could find out, she began to tremble with fear of being exposed, if her father found out, she would be detained until the day Dominic Barker came here to propose.

“What did you say? I didn't run away, this is my home, where can I run away?"

Violet tries to be very calm so as not to be noticed by her brother Will, but William is a very observant person and is also very attentive to his sister. During dinner, he had seen her distaste for Dominic Barker, her unwillingness to marry Dominic Barker. This also made William very curious about why his sister would give up a rich and powerful man like Dominic Barker.

“You don't want to marry Dominic Barker, do you? Tell me I'll help you get out of here." ' said William very calmly.

Violet looked at her brother in surprise, she didn't expect Will to help her:


"Let's leave now before Dad wakes up."

William and Taylor quickly boarded the supercar that Dominic Barker gave her. Violet smiled mockingly:

"Unexpectedly, one day I had to run away with the car he gave me."

Will understood what she meant:

"You should thank him because without this car we wouldn't be as far as we are now."

This limited-edition supercar is a meeting gift from Dominic Barker to Violet. It is super fast and smooth, men in this world will fall before it, William is one of those men.

William asked:

"Where must we go now?"

"Take me to the airport, I have prepared a flight to another country tonight, at first, I just wanted to study abroad, but I didn't expect it to be so coincidental."

"Oh, my little sister, you're a calculating person, not bad." - Will praised.

But Violet was still worried, she urgently looked at her brother and asked:

"But what if Dominic Barker comes in two days and I'm not here? Dad would be furious if he found out that you've run away somewhere else." 

"Don't worry, we don't say no one will know."

The two talked in the car, and the tense atmosphere quickly disappeared. But Violet and William underestimated Dominic Barker.


Two days later, 

Mr. Taylor was very much looking forward to the arrival of Dominic Barker, he called the servant up to call his daughter down to welcome Dominic Barker. But what scared him was that Violet was not in the room, she left a letter on the table with the content:

"Dear Dad, 

Whether it's just a marriage proposal or an arranged marriage. You never once thought about my feelings. In your eyes, I  like a portable flower vase that can be sold for the best profit for you. You only think about his career and fame, you can risk everything to have them even if your daughter doesn't need them.

I will never accept marriage to Dominic Barker. He is an asshole and evil. 


The letter is the words from the bottom of Violet's heart, in a short letter but it covers all her frustrations and anguish in her previous life and this life.

But Mr. Taylor did not understand this, he was so angry that he crumpled the letter and threw it to the ground. This stupid child is because you pampered him too much to let this happen.

“Damn it! Now how to talk to Dominic Barker.”

Not long after Mr. Taylor read the letter, Dominic Barker arrived at the house and was standing on his doorstep. Mr. Taylor was angry that his daughter ran away before Dominic Barker arrived, but in front of Dominic Barker, he could not be rude.

Dominic Barker just sat down in his chair and got straight to the point:

"Where's Violet, where's my wife, why can't I see her?"

Not yet proposed, not married, but Dominic Barker has assumed Violet Taylor is his wife. He exuded a domineering aura like a powerful royal.

Mr. Taylor stammered,

"I'm so sorry sir, today… Violet is ill so she can't… receive you."

Anna also added:

"Yes, she hasn't been feeling well for the past few days, so she is resting in her room."

Dominic Barker stood up impatiently and said:

"Violet is sick, I have to go up to see her, she is my fiancé, I can't let anything happen to her."

Mr. Taylor and Mrs. Anna quickly stopped but the two were stopped by Dominic Barker's bodyguards. Mr. Taylor was afraid that if Dominic Barker knew that Violet had escaped, he would go mad, as expected when Dominic Barker entered Violet's bedroom without seeing Violet in it as Mr. Taylor said. He angrily kicked open the doors one by one in search of Violet, but in the end, couldn't find the other girl.

Dominic Barker asked angrily:

"Didn't I tell you, Mr. Taylor, before? You're against me, aren't you?"

Mr. Taylor trembled before Dominic Barker, he stammered:

"No such thing, I only found out about Violet running away today. I didn't think she would refuse to run away like that, but you can rest assured I'll find her soon."

Dominic Barker leaned back, he wasn't as polite and friendly as before. At this moment, Dominic Barker is no different from the devil interrogating his prey. He just wanted to build a nice gentleman image for Violet only.

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