Chapter 8: There's No Way

Chapter 8: There's No Way

After two months, Mr. Taylor tried everything he could to get in touch with his daughter, but couldn't. Mr. Taylor and Mrs. Anna in the past few days have been extremely confused and living in fear. With power in the hands of Dominic Barker, a snap of his fingers could wipe out Mr. Taylor's half-life career. 

Mr. Taylor constantly blamed Violet for being a bad daughter:

“Haizz… it's unbearable, how could Violet run away, if we can't find her, Dominic Barker will make us unable to raise our heads. "

William Taylor looked at his father's pale face, he was the accomplice who helped Violet escape. But he did not know where Violet was and what he was doing. 

"Dad, it's not that serious. Be calm."

Mr. Taylor was furious:

"How can we be calm now, do you know that the business contract is worth millions of dollars, billions of dollars, just a word of consent from Violet, we can get it ?! Now let's not talk about the contract, if Violet doesn't come back, the company and construction career will disappear like a sponge."

Anna doesn't think about jobs or contracts or money:

“Oh, my daughter…”

The whole house was engulfed in sadness and fervor. 

William Taylor has yet to tell Anna and Mr. Taylor that he was the one who helped Violet escape. What is important to him is the choice of his sister, and he has also promised to help when she needs it. That morning, William saw an abnormality in Violet, he felt that Violet in front of his eyes was his sister and not his sister, because the feeling was both familiar and foreign. 

Violet in William's eyes is a very lively and mischievous girl, but she is very afraid of Mr. Taylor, she has never protested or said anything contrary to Mr. Taylor. 

But that morning, Violet had a different attitude, her decisions after that time were also more certain and serious, making William feel surprised and strange.

Dominic Barker was rich and powerful, but William remembered that he had only met his sister less than five times, but why was he so quick to propose to Violet?

But Mr. Taylor does not care about that, he wants Dominic Barker to become his golden son-in-law and solid support to help him stand firm in the marketplace. If his daughter and Dominic Barker get married and have children, his grandchild will be the heir to the family. This is his dream.

Mr. Taylor shouted at the secretary standing there:

"Quick! Find Violet and come back here, by all means, find Violet!"

"Yes, sir, I'll be right away." - The secretary fumbled to leave.

For the past two months, Violet has been living a very comfortable life, not having to look at anyone's face to live anymore, nor having to endure the orders of her father. After going to Russia, Violet used the cash her brother gave her and rented a small apartment in the town of Kargopol. Kargo Pol is a peaceful little town with more churches than there are people in the town.

The place is very peaceful and not many people, it's been two months but Violet hasn't heard from Dominic Barker, he's probably already starting to get fed up with her. Wait a few more months, Violet won't need to run away like this anymore.

She lay comfortably on the bed and smiled happily:

“Oh, life here is so peaceful without having to listen to anyone, I can do what I want. Dominic will quickly get fed up with me and he will have another object of marriage, at which point I won't need to marry him anymore.”

But things are not as she imagined.

Violet went to church on the weekends as usual, after finishing some of the women talking to her said,

“Today, I saw a handsome guy driving a very expensive car to our town."

“Yes I also saw him, he was very handsome and that supercar must be very expensive. He looks very rich may be a businessman who came here to do big business.”

“Violet, did you see him?”

Violet is quite tired now, she wants to go back to the apartment to finish some documents without caring about the words of the other aunts, but she still smiles:

“I didn't notice there was a businessman. Anyway, I'll probably see him soon, but if he's here to do some business, they won't be here for long."

The middle-aged women immediately looked regretful:

"Oh, it's been a long time since I saw a handsome and rich man come here, it would be a pity if he left."

Violet smiled and said,

"I have to go now, see you all next weekend."

“Goodbye, Vio.”

Violet passed by a bread stall and bought some, she liked the bread here. Buttermilk is sweet, fragrant, and attractive with many different colors and shapes here. 

Pressing the elevator to go to her apartment, Violet is still bouncing around and jumping, her life for two months has made her feel like living again not only happy but also without pressure from Mr. Taylor - her father.

But when she stood in front of the door, Violet was about to unlock the door when she was surprised and stiffened. The door before she left was locked but now it is open, Violet thought she forgot to close the door, but when she entered the house, she was immediately stressed and restless by an internal aura. 

The room was dark, with no light, but Violet could see a tall figure sitting on the sofa in the living room. Violet sensed the danger and immediately turned to run, but before she could reach the door, a large hand covered her mouth, preventing her from screaming for help from the neighbors.

The man covered her mouth and pulled her inside, the main door was also slammed by him. 

A familiar voice made Violet sweat:

"You can turn the lights on."

"Yes sir."

At this time, Violet was even more frightened and bewildered, in front of her was Dominic Barker sitting leisurely on the sofa, surrounded by tall bodyguards and the one holding her was also one of her bodyguards.

Dominic Barker ordered her to be released and smiled friendly at Violet and said,

“You've been running too far for the past two months. Is it more fun here than at home?”

Violet does not care about his question, she is now very scared, Dominic Barker suddenly came here with a bunch of his bodyguards:

“What do you want from me, come to my place and bring it? Bodyguards are here, want to fight?"

Since Mr. Taylor was not here, there was no need for her to be polite to him.

At Violet's unpleasant and insolent attitude, Dominic Barker was not angry, he even smiled:

"Oh, let me kick them all out so we can talk privately, but if they go out, it will be troublesome complex, and curious with your neighbors.”

Violet gritted her teeth to be patient, just as he said if the bodyguards went out, someone would be curious and might report this to the police, which would be very bad while she was still here.

"If you have something to say, say it, and get out of here."

Dominic Barker sipped his tea and said:

“Violet, have you forgotten that you have to marry me? Because you ran away, I had to postpone our wedding, but you have such a disinterested attitude, I'm so sad."

Violet watched his fake expression give her goosebumps, she knew very well that Dominic Barker was a cruel and ferocious demon who was not as friendly as he appeared to be.

"I don't accept your marriage proposal, nor will I agree to marry you, so you go away and don't come to find me anymore."

Violet finally voiced her displeasure, but she knew he was a very dangerous man, and Violet had to suppress the fear in her heart if she didn't get caught by him.

Hearing Violet says that Dominic Barker laughed loudly and said,

“So what? If you don't agree, then you have to accept this, if you don't marry me I'm going to ruin the fortune Mr. Taylor worked so hard for a lifetime to crumble in a matter of minutes."

“You threatened me?! You are so cowardly!” - Violet could not sit still anymore, she pointed directly at Dominic Barker and shouted.

At this time, his eyes were no longer friendly and loving to her as before, but instead were sharp and angry:

"I gave you two days but you ran away until now. It's been two months, okay all your mistakes will be counted on your family, especially William Taylor who helped you escape."

The mention of her brother Violet grew even more fearful, now she couldn't control her trembling. Does Dominic Barker want to harm my brother? It can't be, I can't let my brother be harmed… 

“How do you end up not touching my family?!” - Violet said trembling.

"Calm down, I just want to have a friendly talk with you, don't be afraid of Violet, now sign here." - Dominic Barker took out a piece of paper and wanted Violey to sign it.

Violet picked up the paper to read, she was surprised that this was… a marriage certificate. If she signs it, it means she has become Dominic Barker's wife, which is what she doesn't want the most. Dominic Barker had been waiting impatiently for Violet for the past two months, so he said:

“If you don't sign it, the Taylor estate will go up in smoke, and about William Taylor - your good brother will also go to hell. What do you think?"

Violet heard the demonic words from Dominic Barker's mouth that made her shiver, even more, tears also fell from her eyes because of fear. Dominic Barker got up and walked over to her and leaned over her hand and said, his deep voice and masculine breath on her neck making her shiver:

“But as long as you sign this paper, everything will be different, not only your family's business is more solid, but also your dear brother - William Taylor can also easily stand in this fierce market, William Taylor will soon have everything he wants. We get married and that's the best thing for everyone."

Violet listened to those words of the devil, she had no choice, but not to expect Dominic Barker to threaten her and force her to marry him or her family would not be safe. Violet looked down at the paper in her hand, she clutched it tightly and cried, but still had a pen and signed her name on it.

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