Chapter 9: Unable to run away from reality

Chapter 9: Unable to run away from reality

Violet's scribbles on the paper, she couldn't control her trembling in front of Dominic Barker. He was still watching Violet's handwriting as if he were sure she had signed their marriage certificate.

When she finished, Violet pushed away from the paper, uncontrollable tears falling down her face. Dominic Barker picked up the marriage paper with great satisfaction, he was engrossed in her signature and stroked it. He handed the paper to the bodyguard standing behind, then bent down to hug Violet's trembling shoulder, he leaned into her arm and said,

"Honey, we have to go back."

Violet finally could not resist this man, he was too powerful and brutal just to not do what he wanted, he threatened and forced Violet to do what he wanted. 

Violet said nothing, followed Dominic Barker onto the private jet and returned.

During the flight, Dominic Barker did not take his eyes off Violet even for a moment, he gazed passionately at Violet as if she were the lady in his eyes. But to Violet, Dominic Barker was more of a demon from hell than a normal human.

“Honey, do you want to go back to your house or our house?” - Dominic said sweetly.

Violet sighed, she didn't want to be with this man:

"I want to go home."

“Okay, before the wedding starts, you can stay at your house. But if you dare to run away again… darling, you know, the concession is only for once.” Dominic put his hand on Violet's thigh and leaned close to her.

Violet remembered Dominic Barker's threats when she was still in the other apartment, she knew that he wasn't joking, he would do it if she didn't listen.

When Violet didn't reply, Dominic Barker said annoyed,

"Honey, can you hear me?"

“I… get it…” Violet avoided Dominic Barker's cruel gaze.

Mr. Taylor and Mrs. Anna are worried at home because if Violet can't be found, Dominic Barker won't leave them alone. But unexpectedly Violet had returned, the housekeeper rushed in and said:

"Master, mistress, mistress Violet is home!"

"What!? Violet is back?" - Anna and her husband quickly ran out of the house, at this time Violet was like a god to save them.

Mr. Taylor is still very angry about Violet leaving on his own and also making Dominic Barker angry, how scared he was. This time, he had to properly teach Violet.

The luxury car parked in the yard, Violet quickly got out, she cried so much that her face was dirty and looked very unsightly. Mr. Taylor angrily shouted:

“Violet, where have you been? Why are you running away!”

But less than a second later, he had to be silent because the next person to come out was Dominic Barker. He walked over to Violet who wanted to avoid him, hugged her tightly, and smiled at Mr. Taylor:

"Hello, father-in-law and mother-in-law, wife and children are tired, don't raise her voice to scare her, flight It's been quite long, she's still tired."

Mr. Taylor and Mrs. Anna were surprised by the presence of Dominic Barker, they did not expect this man to be there. Mr. Taylor quickly changed his attitude, he smiled and said:

"Oh, I didn't think you were going with my daughter, it's good that she's back and I didn't mean to frighten her."

Dominic Barker heard that smiled more friendly:

"Well then, my wife wants to stay at her house before the wedding ceremony, this time I hope nothing sad happens." 

Mr. Taylor clasped his hands together and said respectfully:

"Yes, yes, we definitely won't leave any regrets before the wedding ceremony."

Dominic Barker was very pleased with Mr. Taylor's answer, he hugged Violet tighter, leaned closer to her hand, and his voice was warm and seductive in her ear:

"Darling, remember what I once said before that, if you make the same mistake again then it won't be as good as it is now, don't test my patience, okay?"

Violet said nothing, her body trembling at Dominic's words. Violet reluctantly nodded, she forced the man away from her, his embrace was causing her pain. But Dominic Barker did not let go, in front of Violet's parents, kissed her so deeply that she was so surprised that her eyes widened.

Violet pushed the tall man in front of her eyes with all her strength:

"What are you doing?!"

She rubbed her lips with her hand, then sullenly entered the house. While her parents were too stunned to stand still, they did not expect Dominic Barker to kiss their daughter in front of them. Mr. Taylor's heart was a thousand times happier, and the sadness and restlessness that had passed during the quickly disappeared. This time, he made sure not to let Violet run away like last time.

Everything will have to go smoothly.

Dominic Barker smiled amusedly as he watched his fiancée just sobbing after kissing him. "She's so cute and small, it's hard to wait until the wedding day."

Dominic Barker got in the car, rolled down the car door, and said:

“Mr. Taylor, this is a good opportunity for you to redeem me, if anything happens to my fiancée there will be no concessions like this time. She cried a lot so take good care of her, I'll be back, you understand?"

"Yes, of course, thank you very much for bringing my daughter back, and I certainly won't let anything bad happen." ' said Mr. Taylor respectfully.

Violet realized that she couldn't run away from that fake demon, she didn't expect that in this life or the previous life, this man would be so cruel without exception, wanting to avoid him was impossible. 

Violet was frustrated and angry because she couldn't run away and was arrested and threatened, making her disobedient. It was very difficult to have a peaceful two-month life…

William Taylor returned from the company and saw his father suddenly very happy and no longer worried like a few days ago, not understanding what happened:

“What happened? So, why are mom and dad so happy?”

“Violet is back, this is something to celebrate.” Mr. Taylor laughed.

William was surprised, he ran up to his sister's room. 

“What happened to Violet, did you come back?”

“Will, don't talk to me like that… haizzz…I don't want to go back but Dominic Barker came to the place and…”

Violet wanted to say that the demon Dominic Barker had threatened her and made her unable to resist, so she agreed. When she returned, she did not want her brother to be implicated, in her previous life she involved her brother too much and even his happiness. Violet tried to swallow her next words.

William asked confused,

"And what?"

"It's nothing, don't worry. Right now I just know that I can't escape Dominic Barker…”

Then Violet pushed William out of the room, covered herself with a blanket, and burst into tears and sobbed. She couldn't get rid of that demon in her previous life or this life, she couldn't throw away her family for her own sake… despite the things that her father and mother did to her, those things only happened in her previous life. . Nothing has happened in her current life…

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