Chapter 33

Chapter 33

As her gaze drifted over to the man, she immediately turned around and looked ahead. In the large room, although crowded but very airy, for some reason, Violet had a lot of sweat on her forehead as if she had run a few hundred meters before coming to the party.

Violet tried to reassure herself not to panic, because the more scared she was, the easier it was to reveal her identity. The man probably couldn't spot her yet, but she was sure he was Dominic Barker. His appearance in this place is completely normal, Phoebe is a celebrity so the people attending her birthday party are also celebrities in various fields.

No matter what, Violet had to leave this party quickly, Dominic was still staring in her direction making Violet nervous and worried, the sweat on her forehead increased, even more, her face was pale and her hands were empty. stop shivering.

Assistant Lee sitting next to her, seeing how poor Nana's expression was, asked with concern:

"Nana, are you okay? Why is you
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