Chapter 34: Violet's trip ends

Chapter 34: Violet's trip ends

after buying a bunch of things back to the hotel, mainly toys and things for Levi. As long as boys like it or because Levi looks at it for a while, Violet will immediately buy it. She didn't care how long the thing would last or how much it was worth, she just knew that her son liked it and she would buy it.

Assistant Lee and Violet and Levi had dinner at the hotel, he said:

"I have prepared the plane ticket, we can fly next week."

“Great, I'm tired of this place,” Nana said boringly, she quite liked the food at this hotel but was afraid that she would have to meet the other man, so she didn't want to stay there anymore.

Assistant Lee shrugged and said,

"Even if you are bored or still want to stay here, we still have to go back to the company. But aren't you going to say goodbye to your 'important person?"

Nana raised her eyebrows and asked,


“As the person, you told me to send that anonymous email to, aren't you going to say goodbye to that person
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