Chapter 35: Kidnapped by her husband

Chapter 35: Kidnapped by her husband

Violet didn't know that she was taken into a luxury car by two tall men in the presence of a few airport security officers, but they still didn't seem to notice. What can stop curious customers from taking pictures?

Violet in the car was forced to sit between two men, who tied her wrists with ropes and blindfolded Violet with a black scarf. The atmosphere in the car was very quiet and a little stuffy, no one spoke, so silent that they could hear Violet's soft breathing.

After the car had gone some distance, the driver called and said:

“Sir, we have caught the person… yes, she is sleeping now, we used some sleeping pills… yes, We're getting there and haven't detected any tracking."

Not knowing what the other person said, the driver immediately breathed a sigh of relief, the mood was a little happier. Behind their car, there were three cars behind and one in front. Those are all cars that are protecting and escorting the woman in the car. If Vi
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