Chapter 36: Kidnapped by her husband (Part 2)

Chapter 36: Kidnapped by her husband (Part 2)

Dominic's hand began to move on Violet's slender body, causing her to panic, even more, she struggled harder and yelled at him as a vile person.

“You bastard, you need to let me go. You are a vile person, you used a lowly trick to kidnap me here and now you want to play tricks on me! Bastard, son of a bitch! Get out of here!”

Dominic was not angry when he heard her scolding, he also laughed very happily, his eyes were deep and passionate looking at her, he said:

“Violet… you are so beautiful… I remember myself leaving How long have you been gone?"

Violet did not care about his disgusting words, she no longer had feelings for the person who had trampled and abandoned her feelings. Now she wants to get out of here and find her son.

"Don't play around, hurry and untie me. You're breaking the law, Dominic."

“Criminal? I didn't break the law!" Dominic said, his hand glued to her chest.

Violet scowled:

“Are you saying you're not breaking the la
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