Chapter 38: The unexpected six years ago.

Chapter 38: The unexpected six years ago.

Violet clutched the phone in her hand, she had to leave this place quickly and at the same time not let Dominic suspect Levi and even less let him know that Levi is her son. With his power, if he knew that Levi was his son, he would take him away anytime. Levi is her everything, she can't lose him.

The next day, Violet came out of the room and everything was silent as if no one was there. She thought Dominic had gone to work, but when she went down the hall she saw him drinking tea in the living room. Dominic heard the footsteps and turned to see Violet standing in the hall, stood up and left and said:

"Violet, you're up. Come here for breakfast."

Violet remained as cold as ever, walking slowly to sit across from Dominic. Dominic stared at the scratch on her left cheek, where he had slapped her yesterday but was still slightly red now.

He asked:

"Is your cheek still hurt?"

“Thanks to your blessing, it still hurts now. But you should take care
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