Chapter 39: Ingratiate

Chapter 39: Ingratiate

Dominic stubbornly asked about that baby,

“So… where is that baby? Where is it? You obviously took it away!"

Violet saw his worried expression but she showed no emotion or pity, she said,

"Yes, I took it."

Dominic was overjoyed hearing that, he was about to add, but was interrupted by Violet's next words:

"But I didn't say that the child was alive."

"What? You… Our child…?” Dominic mumbled.

Violet wanted to cut off his hopes for her son. For the rest of her life, she didn't want to get involved and let him know of Levi's existence. The best is so!

“As you think, Dominic. Now what you want to know, I've already told you everything, is there anything else you want to know?"

Hope for the good of his child and Violet had been smothered by her words. He couldn't accept any more bad news. Dominic shook his head, saying nothing.

Violet looked at his dull and gloomy expression and did not say anything more, perhaps he was shocked and shocked by her words. It's also tru
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