Chapter 40: Doubt

Chapter 40: Doubt

Although Violet ignored and refused all expensive branded items, even luxury villas or limited edition supercars did not interest Violet. But Dominic still often buys those things to please her, he thinks she is still angry and hated him about six years ago.

It was also because at that moment he made Violet angry and left for six years and the child in her belly that year was no longer there. This shocking fact made him cry a lot, and regret always swept over him, especially in his sleep.

"I told you I don't need them, don't bring them here!" Violet angrily threw down the expensive jewelry on the table.

The servant standing nearby was so scared that he crouched down and did not dare to breathe. Dominic looked at the expensive items he selected for her but was thrown away by Violet's hatred, his heart ached but he still smiled at her.

Dominic picked up the luxurious ring box from the floor and placed it on the table in front of Violet. Violet was ready to receive hi
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