5: Rump in an alley

Pov: Andre

This girl was going to give me a fucking heart attack before my father and Mária even recite their vows.

I arrived at the bodega in record time. She was exactly where Alfonso said she'd be, sampling bottles of cheap wine that were on sale. She was wearing a tank top that stopped a few inches below her ribs, exposing her smooth skin and toned abdomen.

Her short running shorts stopped just below her firm, well rounded ass and her long lean legs were on display in that skimpy outfit. Her black hair in a ponytail swished around her thin waist. Her hair was so black and long, I imagined it being able to wrap around my fist twice.

The thought sent a ball of heat straight to my groin.

I got out of my car and slipped into a dark alley in the direction to her apartment and waited for her.

Twenty minutes later, I heard the bell of the store ring, her light jogging footsteps and rustle of bags.

She was only a few distances away and my heart started racing at the thought of seeing her again.

Jesus fucking Christ. I pressed a hand to my chest, honestly confused by my body's reaction towards seeing her again.

I seemed almost... Excited.

I waited until she was about to pass by me. My hand snatched out, wrapping around her wrist and taking her off guard. She squealed in shock and I didn't give her the time to process what was happening before I pushed her up against a wall, her grocery bags falling at her feet and pressed my body into her to stop her from squirming too much. I placed the barrel of my gun on her head and she had the common sense to go completely still.

Her body felt delicious against mine and her firm ass was poking into my front.

I breathed deeply to control myself and my body's obvious reaction to her, but in the process, I inhaled more of her soft, sweet scent.

"Ten seconds, micetta." I said into her ear, using the barrel of the gun to shift her hair, revealing her nice, fair neck that was healing nicely from the scars. "Ten seconds, that's how little time I need and I have you right where I want you."

"Bastard," she shrieked, hearing my voice and realizing she was probably not in danger of being kidnapped or killed by me. "Why don't you let me go so I can knee you in the balls?" She asked sweetly.

I chuckled darkly at her struggling form, her ass rubbing against my front unconsciously in the process. Cold precipitation made the hair around her nape stick to her neck, a tiny drop trailed down her shirt and I followed the trail, wondering how her body would taste against my tongue.

Tucking my gun behind me, I turned her around, seeing as her neck was too much of a distraction but I regretted instantly the moment I saw her beautiful face, that lush green eyes staring back at me vehemently.

An angry vein was pumping wildly in her neck. My eyes trailed down to her heaving chest, her breasts were firm, perky mounds on her chest. She wasn't wearing any bra and her nipples were puckering from the early morning breeze.

The image of pulling her scrappy shirt up and cupping her perky mounds, taking her nipples between my teeth flashed in my head and heat immediately unfurled in my lower abdomen.

Oh fuck.

Not thinking, my hand dropped from her arm to her tiny waist.

She shivered, her eyes going dark as my fingertips grazed her ribs.

Merda, her skin was even softer than I had thought. Her scent invaded my nostrils. Sweet and soft like strawberries and fresh flowers.

My fingers stroked the sensitive skin around her ribs and my body hummed in satisfaction when she whimpered softly, her body leaning into my touch. My hands reached behind her to the base of her spine, pressing her into me and her arms immediately went around me as she lost control, rubbing herself all over my front, goosebumps prickling the dusky gold skin of her arms.

I felt myself immediately harden at this, my hands reverently going to that round ass, her arms circling my torso.

She touched the gun tucked behind my back and it was too late before I realized what she was about to do.

I wrenched myself away from her just as her hand closed around my Glock, pulling it from behind me. Simultaneously, my hand went to the gun hostler around my chest and pulled out the heckler and Koch I usually kept hidden there, mirroring her movements and pointing my gun back at her.

She had a twisted smile on her dark red lips, a terrifying gleam in her vibrant green eyes that reminded me that I was dealing with a crazy woman.

"Remember the other day?" She tilted her head a bit, enjoying this way too much. "You said I'd pay with my life for disrespecting you. I should return the favour for groping me in a dark alley."

I frowned, annoyed to have been caught off guard by her.

What the hell was I thinking? I heaved a breath, the sensual fog in my head clearing up so that I could see and think clearly.

"You act like I don't have a gun pointed back at you," I reminded her.

"You won't shoot me." She said in a self assured manner.

I cocked an eyebrow at her.

The worst part was, she was right.

"I should kill you right now for even laying a finger on me," she said flippantly. Her hands were firm around the gun and it was obvious that she knew how to hold one, and how to use one. "Maybe I'll blow your head out." She tossed a grin at me, pointing the gun lower to my groin, "or maybe I'll blow this head out. Do the world a favour."

"Bianca." I growled a low warning, fed up with her games.

"Call off your men," she said, serious now, her hand not wavering around the gun.

Impossible. "The men are only there for your protection. I have a lot of enemies that will use any member of my family to get to me."

"I don't need them. I'm not a DiMarco yet and I'd like to enjoy what privacy and freedom I have before I become one. It's non negotiable."

I gritted my teeth, pissed at her unwarranted stubbornness but I nodded nonetheless.

She narrowed her eyes at me suspiciously, "I'm going to pick my bags now and you're not going to do anything to stop me."

I nodded, tucking my gun away.

She picked her grocery, holding the bags in one hand and the gun in the other.

She took a few steps backwards, still pointing the gun at me. And when she was a distance from me, she whirled around and took off running, her ponytail bouncing behind her. My gaze settled on her ass.

Fuck, she was irritating. An annoying itch that made my skin crawl with the need to have her. Covet her.

I picked up my phone the moment she was out of sight, "Alfonso."


"I'm sending two new guards to join you. Watch her. Follow her. Don't let her out of your sight. Don't let anything happen to her. It's better she goes ahead with her threat than having her kidnapped and tortured by the Polish or the cartel." Just the thought made me uncomfortable as fuck. "If anything happens to her, it's your head on the chopping block."

"Yes, boss."

I tucked my phone back in my pocket, feeling irritated and antsy. Bianca lived in an actual dump and the thought of anyone breaking into her apartment and hurting her set me on edge. The thought of any motherfucker that didn't know better, grabbing her in these streets, having their way with her, made my skin crawl.

I looked back at the tall, dingy building that housed her apartment, something suffocating my throat.

She doesn't know how much danger she's in just yet. And I'd protect her. With every drop of blood I have in me, nothing will happen to Bianca if I can help it.

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Melissa Wilson
Oh I'm sure he will protect her. So he can have her for himself!

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