6: lose control

Pov: Andre

Leon glanced at me for the umpteenth time, peach pink lips curving up into a smile, dirty blond hair flopping over his face.

I usually kept him around because he had always been a good friend to me when we were little. Loyal, protective; especially because he was bigger and stronger, until I learned what was expected of me. Who I needed to be to keep the mafia going again.

Leon stuck with me. I trusted him with my life. He was best friend, custodian, consigliere and right hand man.

But right now, I wanted to squash him like a pesky fly.

"What?" I asked, annoyed, not looking up from my laptop, going through the bookkeeping records to make sure my accountant's records were precise and correct.

"You're happy."

"A wonderful observation," I muttered under my breath.

"You're never happy."

"Another brilliant observation."

"You're usually a stone cold bastard." He continued.

"Do you want to lose your tongue, Leon?" I asked quietly, sparing him a glare.

His grin only spread wider, i
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Melissa Wilson
Definitely not the usual sibling bond.

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