7: Post nut clarity

Note: double pov


I watched as he stepped away from me, regret and horror tightening his features.

I hated myself for already missing his warmth but I forced myself to meet his eyes, gritting my teeth to stop myself from saying anything stupid, my hands fists tight at my sides.

"Are... Are we going to talk about this?"

"Nothing happened that would repeat itself. This was a mistake."

A mistake. Right. Got it. Tell it to my beating organ that was tearing to pieces.

He wiped a thumb across his lips and looked up at the ceiling, exhaling an exasperated breath. And when he looked back down at me, he was back to being cold and expressionless.

"Go in and get dressed," he said stoically, his face, a cold, unreadable mask. "I won't repeat myself."

My heart lurched, something like pain decaying in my chest.

I gathered whatever modicum of dignity I had left and left his presence, slipping back into my apartment that was thrumming with loud music.

Snarling in frustration, I turned of
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