8: Wine and Dine

Pov: Bianca

Soft classical music was playing by the time we arrived at the stately elegant mansion swarming with beautiful people in more beautiful dresses.

The music was beautiful and calming and there was the aroma of good food, wine, exotic perfumes and pastries, and the sound of chatter and cheer all over the place.

I looked around, a happy grin on my face, wanting to see everything, hear everything, taste everything. I couldn't remember why I hadn't wanted to come in the first place. Everything I needed was here. Music, good food, company.

"You like this?" Andre's voice jeered me out of my consciousness.

I looked up at him to see his dark eyes already on me, searching my soul in that cold, calculated manner that made me want to hide from him.

I ducked my head immediately, afraid he'd see too much. But I couldn't escape him even if I tried. My hand was still held in his tight grasp and the warmth of his palm tethered me to the present in a way that was almost comforting.

"I love m
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Melissa Wilson
Her mother is a very weak woman.

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